The best Why the street gang MS-13 is an American problem Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2019

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We need to separate fact from fiction about MS-13.

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It’s one of Trump’s favorite talking points: how the gang MS-13 is taking advantage of loose immigration laws and spreading violence and drugs. But is the gang really invading the country, and is it a growing problem? In our latest Vox + ProPublica collaboration, we break down all the talk about MS-13 and separate fact from fiction.

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48 thoughts on “The best Why the street gang MS-13 is an American problem Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2019

  1. M-S 13 is not a cartel group
    They're not known for selling drugs or bringing drugs to this country as lets say some mexican cartels
    What members of the ms do is the so called "RENT" which means they go around telling people of their own community to give them money or they will kill them
    Must of the people are afraid of them and do give them the money but those who refuse too.
    It doesnt go to good for them
    The acts that they do here are nothing compared to what they do over there. Is much worse we have tons of corrupt cops, corrupt mayors and so on
    Pandilleros or gangster as you rather call them pretty much rule the country and they do what they want,
    What trump is doing is using this problem to trigger every single undocumented immigrants saying they're all the same and that's not true, yes MS 13 is bad and it should be exterminate it but so are tons of other gangs is the country.

  2. The crips have 35000 buth crips and blood have different sets and crips fight against crips because they are different crip gangs . So that means that crips gangs are not bigger than ms13.whit ms13 that’s not the case .ms13 is only one gang

  3. If you 'adopt' "gang style", you will have to back up what YOU think YOU want to stand for; a "Wannabe" is just as sorry as those damn cockroaches who think publicity is doing them a favor.

  4. Just like rich people have there own hospitalsl. They have a private hospital with private doctors private money. a private organization…all u need is a way to keep making babys. 🤔 basically somewhere underground theres people making evil babys…

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