The best 'Whistleblowers persecuted & prosecuted for exposing illegality' – Snowden's lawyer Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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Jesselyn Radack, 2011 Sam Adams Award winner & the attorney of Edward Snowden & Bill Binney, tells about her experience.


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45 thoughts on “The best 'Whistleblowers persecuted & prosecuted for exposing illegality' – Snowden's lawyer Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. The corruption inside the FBI is worst because that agency is polluted from head to toe with people that have physical attributes and consequently a brain attached to those physical attributes that are "almost linearly oriented" and despite all the disrespectful arrogant denials that the agents can enter, the biology of their conduct will always obey a person that has a lot of memory to collect data but not the necessary intelligent skills to analyze the behavior of the criminals in deepness to truly prevent well-planned crimes, specially significant violent crimes perpetrated by terrorists that knowing this terrible destructive defect from the entire FBI agency (CIA as well), usually decide to leave an explicit signature involving significant addresses and names of people. As a perfect example, It should be a shame that the FBI and CIA were both looking for Osama Bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri without having at least, a decent list of all possible fake addresses in Pakistan using wisely a good and reliable satellite image service and road map. Edward Snowden did not act that irresponsible because unfortunately, the USA Government never had the decency to prevent those types of destructive "linear type" federal agents that exist in basically all federal investigative agencies from applying to work for the federal government as they truly represent a serious menace to the general well being of the public with their pestilent deliberate illiteracy, specially when they develop destructive and abusive obsessions with people that are more "curvy" and we cannot even give them a simple "cease and desist" without getting arrested. 


  3. Are there any whistleblowers in rus? Of course none. They are all dead. You killed them all. rus, the worst state in existence employing this pig to do the talking, I would love to have 5 minutes with her.

  4. Whistleblowers in Russia are never persecuted or prosecuted. 

    They are gifted with all expenses paid trips to "fitness centers" in Siberia (hard manual labor is great for your soul) and besides everyone knows there is absolutely ZERO corruption or criminals in the Russian government. 

    Russia is the freest country on earth and we own it all to the great leader.
    Putler is life. Putler is love.

  5. LMOA- first hand evidence of true american patriots speaking out and receiving awards for standing up to their tyrannical government.
    and the dumb of america are still at it with the zionist bullshit they've been fed.
    keep chewing dumbos

  6. Snowden Is A Traitor To United States National Security, Dont come back to America Snowden, For The United States Takes Care Of its Traitors…. 😉

  7. Whistleblowers about the Ruler of the world which is the US's MIC is the first priority for freedom of the world.  Every country has problems. Every country should have voice box and no country should be forced with military force, embarrassment, sanctions,trickery, or blackmail to have Washington's voice box  jammed down their throats. The world wants a democracy of many nations with the voices of many nations without the World Dominance Mania of Washington.

  8. Yet another Patriot labled as a traitor BY TRAITORS! How dare THEY? This shit must end and THESE PEOPLE, NOT WAR CRIMINALS LIKE BLOWBOMBUS & KISSENGER DESERVE NOBEL PEACE PRIZES!

  9. Individuals informing police of other individuals committing unlawful acts are call informants, and get pay and rewarded by governments
    Individuals informing of governments committing unlawful acts are taken to jail
    Does it mean Governments can do anything they want and are not accountable?
    Is there any law that can apply to individual in governmental positions for unlawful act doing?
    Is there any law that can be applied to pas government personal for such acts? making the individuals in power thing before do?

  10. there is  no  support  for whistle  blowers. be certain you have no need  for money if you  choose ethics and morality over  business as  usual. .. been there ,  done  that! It is just pissing in the  ocean while pointing out the  obvious to those  who are  blind.

  11. we all know if snowden steps foot back on us soil hes done for, if bradley manning is put through worse torture than gitmo prisioners I couldnt imagine what the obama administration would have waiting for ed snowden

  12. For those who have not yet seen the movie mentioned at the end of this story, "Citizen Four", it is about Edward Snowden and all the stuff you did not see going on around his famous interview.  It is an excellent film, well worth watching when you get the opportunity.

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