The best Water heater expansion tank Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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Here is a video of my house showing the problem of water heater expansion, and the solution using an expansion tank.
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21 thoughts on “The best Water heater expansion tank Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. Excellent Heater>>> It instantly supplies enough hot water to fill our garden tub. The temperature control is digital, easily accessible, and LIGHTED so you can actually see it inside the closet where it is mounted. Also, the unit is flushable and cleanable which is a plus if you have hard water. I highly recommend this product.

  2. wheb ur water becomes hot it expans but not like before because u have this tank but pressure rises temp pressure are proportional so there is no way on mother earth ur system pressure do not increase but wilk be less because of the tank

  3. well ur oressure is 50 wheb u install ur exoansion tank filled with 20 psi and u ooen the water its balanced means ur tank air pressure becomes 50 lol usually air for thermanl expansion u need to set it 50 like ur water pressure this way ur tabk is half air half water pressure 50

  4. I was told to adjust air in the expansion tank a pound or two higher than the house service pressure, that ensures expansion water only goes into the expansion tank and not service line water….????

  5. New house..high water pressure. !00 psi..way too high..peaked at 140 psi after water heater pressured up, and that's + or – 5 degrees.
    Plumber's advice was to install a Watts water pressure regulator factory set at 50 psi, and one of these expansion tanks and match the pressure to incoming water pressure.

  6. Installed a new hot water tank and had to redo the copper piping to the tank which let me install an expansion tank. I mounted it upside down like you did and others did as well on youtube and one location I visited. Read the instructions after and found it is suppose to be installed with the inlet up so the air in the area the water sits will bleed out. Just wondering what you and others opinions are on this? Hoping its ok and I can keep it as is instead of taking a bunch of connections apart again. 

    A plumber that came to correct some problems my grandpa and I had installing the hot water tank didn't say anything about it.

  7. Thanks for posting this video. I just added a PRV to our home which previously had none. I've been very confused as I've tried to properly adjust the PRV as the pressure has been so inconsistent. Now I see that adding a PRV with a lack of an expansion tank has caused this inconsistent pressure. Thanks for the video. I look forward to fixing this and to adjusting our water pressure properly.

  8. The reason for the shipping pressure(20 lbs) is due to pressure expanding when being flown to different destinations by air. The maximum safety working pressure should be between 90 to 120 lbs. It is dictated on your tank label. So,feel very comfortable with adjusting your incoming water pressure to 50, 60 or 70 lbs with no problem. You already know your lines will handle 110 lbs. of pressure, LOL!

  9. Always equalize(match) your safety tank pressure with your incoming water pressure. I noticed after your install, your incoming water pressure is 44 lbs. Add air to your safety tank that will also make it read 44 lbs. It allows for a overall lighter weight to your safety tank by not allowing excessive water buildup inside of it, before it starts absorbing the pressure. May I suggest, adjusting your incoming water pressure to at least 50 or 60 lbs. Just remember to "match" the pressure.

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