The best Watch Dogs GPU Benchmark – AMD vs. NVidia Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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Our video component of our recent video card benchmark for Watch Dogs. Full article here:

Watch Dogs graphics optimization guide:

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18 thoughts on “The best Watch Dogs GPU Benchmark – AMD vs. NVidia Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. I hope you didn't use ultra textures on a 2gb card, because when you do that, the textures require 3gb of video memory and when there's not enough memory it's going to give a HUGE blow to the fps and that's no way to benchmark a game. I get 45-50fps on ultra with medium textures on a gtx760 and you're getting only 34 on a gtx770, which is a better gpu. I know this is an old video, but no optimization makes that much difference.

  2. on consoles with 12/18 compute units amd gpus the game works just fine on 30 fps stable. to reach the same performance you need to double this number becouse of the non optimised pc code from ubisoft, black boxed "game works" code from nvidia and a inefficient apis from microsoft. three companies with awful politics in my opinion, and we pc gamers do not need all this crap.
    thank you

  3. Can someone please tell me HOW do I run my own benchmark on Watchdogs,, I have googled endlessly, I have posted in forums. and nobody tells me how to actually run a benchmark, does anyone know,,, please

  4. I installed AMD 14.4 on our Dell Inspiron 2305 and it keeps saying there is no Video Driver installed. It installed Catalyst but tells me there is no Video Driver installed and asks me to revert back to my previous one which is 13.9. AMD needs to get there crap together, last update talked about issues with AHCI and AMD based motherboards. Even though we do not play games on the Inspiron someday might want to.

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