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After 2 years of engineering and build iterations the team of Turbulent has finished its first 15kW low-head hydropower turbine. This is a scalable technology that can be installed at any kind of water fall, rapid, or water control structure in rivers and canals. By basing this turbine on the principle of a whirlpool, it is both fish friendly and can let debris pass through.
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Amazing how we suddenly have so many views and comments! And thank you for all of the advice!

I just want to clarify a few things I saw asked in the comments:

– We shot this footage during commissioning. When installing a hydropower turbine you first test it for a while at half the nominal flow. That’s what you see passing through this turbine. It doesn’t look very stable yet, as it needs additional flow for the vortex to stabilize itself (Think about how you get that sucking sound at the last few liters running from your bath tub). Full flow of this turbine is 1.8m3/s with a height difference of 1.7m. That gives 15kW of useful electric power with our efficiency of 50%.

– When we were finished shooting the video, we put back the trash rack (with a spacing between the bars of 10cm as that is the maximum debris size that can pass through) and the mesh that covers the whole basin. No children, dogs, pirates,… can fall in.

-60 homes can be powered in Chile with an average household power demand of 0.25 kW. The average in many European countries is 0.5 kW. The average in American homes could well be a few MW if the comments are to go by 😛

-Yes, waterwheels have been done before, and turbines as well. We don’t claim to have invented hydropower. We claim, however, that we have made this size of hydropower an interesting investment with a lower cost and a higher efficiency. Our hope is to offer a clean, eco-friendly alternative for investors, land owners, industries etc to generate power from the rivers that they have running in their neighborhood. As one of the co-founders, I can tell you that I enjoy nature, and that I want my kids growing up learning about and seeing technologies that try to work in harmony with it.

– Some rivers meander too much for our technology. These rivers aren’t suitable. We know about this, thank you for mentioning it.

-We’re not related to any kickstarter or crowdfund campaign. I made the video in my spare time as a hobby and I’m honestly a bit surprised that it became so popular. What I was hoping for, was to meet like minded people who want to help make our vision a reality. Affordable electrification for all without harming nature. A lot of people here have been really nice, with lots of helpful advice. Thank you for that! I believe we, as a society, can achieve anything if we just work together.

– Any good scientific peer review should scrutinize the numbers. I’m busy making a new video with full flow footage and footage of our inverter power readout. Please tell me what you’d like to see in there and I’ll try and arrange it 🙂

– Last but not least: we’re still in the testing phase. Currently we’re checking all the systems and we’re making sure this turbine can do what it promises. It seems to be holding up well against erosion and debris. We had some power cable heating, but got it solved. We will also be conducting fish friendliness tests. The whole design was based on the fish friendly design parameters of the Alden turbine Labs. We will validate those numbers. This model is now being worked on and we will be ready by July 2018 with our testing phase. When all of that is done, we will be ready to start helping people everywhere to develop their very own hydropower turbine and build their future!

Thank you for your attention, stay tuned for more updates!
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32 thoughts on “The best Turbulent Is Ready to Change the World! Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2019

  1. I see fibonnaci pattern to create that converted energy in efficient and smart way by water flow.. beautiful..
    And yes, that decentralized energy is more effective in terms of maintenance scope and monthly billing..
    I prefer this than classic power plant that go on turbine -> mv to hv for transmission and go step down to mv again and go to lv for end user. Too much for initial cost, technical system monitoring and maintenance which impact electricity tariff..
    The main problem is water resource.. but mm, you know, river or any natural water resources are not mandatory.. 😉

  2. To those who are criticising it would help only a bulb glow, that would be a great accomplishment for various parts of the world. They don't need air-conditioners, dishwashers & washing machines. A small bulb could help children do their homework after school.

    Totally love this model. Would like to know the energy generated values. Good luck!

  3. One thing that would be interesting is if you compare the advantages against a normal hydro plant. Eg. How many dollars would be expent with a common plant compared to turbulent to produce the same amount of energy? Whats the efficiency of others hydro plants, etc.

  4. Would this be possible with a table pond system? If this turbine is placed between two ponds with one pond at a higher elevation than the other with a stream running downhill to the pond at the lower elevation and then pumping the water back up to the pond at the higher elevation?

  5. why isn't this in every city around the world…. I knew we had the technology and ways to get free energy just need to put it in place… this blows my mind on why cities aren't doing this, how much does one of these turbulent kits 100% installed cost?? maybe I can convince my city to invest in a bunch!!

  6. Scumbags, no understanding of the natural flow of water and why this destroys the water table. Centrifugal motion=opposing the way things are made to work on this spinning ball. When you fuck up like this it is easy to show and Viktor Schauberger did that in the 1930's. Wake up and stop using the same page as other proven failures.

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