The best Trekyards EP90 – USS Titan (Part 1) Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2019

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We take a look at Captain Riker’s ship, the USS TITAN with the man who designed her, Mr. Sean Tourangeau…lots to learn about and some great visuals.

Some clips used were supplied by the group Bring Titan to Life (credit provided by request) and by the 3D modeler of those scenes who supplied them for our use Tobias Richter

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30 thoughts on “The best Trekyards EP90 – USS Titan (Part 1) Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2019

  1. For whatever reason, the underslung nacelles have always been my favorite style ship design. It just has that "SLEEK" feeling. As always, please continue making it so.

  2. The whole sensor pod design makes no sense. The concept of a separate sensor pod is fine, but why shoehorn everything else into it if the idea was to keep interference down?
    Why three /dedicated/ probe launchers? Have any of the authors managed to justify this yet?
    A C2 centre/large scale life boat that can't be accessed without a) transporters, b) crawling through jefferies tubes, or c) extending an emergency escape tube? Hardly seems practical in an emergency.

  3. Would really like to see an interior of the Titan. Most specifically the aqua deck/s. Very interested on where exactly these decks are located. Like is there a dedicated docking port? or do they rely on transporters? đŸ™‚ very cool ship. Wish it had made it to the screen.

  4. I enjoy the show however I would suggest that Sam slow down just a little bit when he talks. Your discussions are interesting however Sam's accent can be tough to completely understand at times. I am not criticizing …… just my honest assessment. Thank you both.

  5. <sigh> The sensor pod is elevated, in part, to prevent "any sound disturbances" from interfering? Seriously? Did someone happen to forget that there is no sound in space? What kind of cut-rate nerds are writing this script?

  6. that rapid talking brit just makes it so hard to tolerate wanting to enjoy the episodes, he just makes it so difficult to hear much more than occasional understood word or two.
    other than his jibberish speak i love the info on te ships.

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