22 thoughts on “The best TRANSFORMERS: Studio Series Revenge of the Fallen MEGATRON | Canadia’ Reviewer #263 Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2019

  1. Great, review. 👍☺ Of course, now that the battle damaged variant has been revealed, I'm a little torn between getting with this one or that one… Nah, I'll definitely be aiming for both, 'cause I'm just that fair. 😏 Oh, and also, Studio Series? Where's the 1st Movie Megatron? I really wanna see that one already. 😆

  2. I am impressed! This figure looks like it has a lot of accurate detail. I just not even don't even don't like those creepy hands.
    Would you ever attempt a light dry-brushing of just some chrome-silver over some areas on a figure like this?
    Note: Megatron is unforgiving of even the slightest mistake. Individual results may vary.
    But you are all cannon fodder to Megatron anyway.
    Hail Megatron!

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