29 thoughts on “The best TOP 10 | TF BEST MAIN VILLAINS Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2019

  1. My list of villains
    1. Megatron (main villain of the series, he is the same character so he should get one spot imo)
    2. Lockdown (most bad ass and logical villain)
    3. Sentinel (plot twist autobot turned bad and realistic motives)
    4. Quintessa (has a god complex with special powers)
    5. The Fallen (Cool powers and bad ass)
    6. Starscream (actually has some personality in 2/3 and has the most screen time out of any decepticon after Megatron)
    7. Nemesis Prime (cool but barely any screen time)
    8. Galvatron (was ok but I'm not a fan of the design and he didn't have much personality)
    9. Soundwave (one of the only Decepticons who is actually relevant to the story)
    10. Shockwave and his driller (possibly the most intimidating villain)

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