The best The Most Titan Way to Play the Game (Hunters Gon’ be Mad) Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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These are some NASTY plays I made today on my Titan, definitely going to work this playstyle into my normal routine. It was too much fun.

Exotic armor is the Dunemarchers (built up electric energy released on melee ability hits)

Weapons include:
Trust – Snapshot, Rampage
Good Bone Structure – Quickdraw, Opening Shot, Handling MW
Chaperone Exotic Slug Shottie
Luna’s Howl
Distant Relation (Gambit scout) – Explosive Payload, Zen Moment
Tigerspite (Dreaming City AR) – High Impact Reserves, Kill Clip
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Zen Titan 2

38 thoughts on “The best The Most Titan Way to Play the Game (Hunters Gon’ be Mad) Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. wow. I have no ideea how you could be so lucky as to get only in matches with people that take so long to react/are so bad at PVP. In my case, If I was to strut by someone like that, he'd most likely turn around and shoot me dead. :)))

  2. Before even watching this with that title, hunters gon’ be mad, thats only because titans have the biggest bullshit in the game, godly exotics like ursa furiosa, fucking 1 shot 3rd person camera melee, titans=biggest pussys in this game

  3. I won't be to surprised if Hunters become extinct in the crucible because Titan and warlocks (specifically Titans not just warlocks) are just dominating the game. I mean Titans literally have an ability that 1 shots people like 100% of the time, have amazing exotics, and in this video you can clearly see that Titans are just ridiculous. I'm ok with some of the Titans supers and exotics but I'm just not okay with them having the ability to 1 shot and can have a build that decrease the cool down of the 1 shot. Same with the new warlocks void walker super tree. It's not right man it's really not 🙁

  4. As a hunter you seem to be nice with movement but since you’re using a shotgun most of the time you don’t have skill but I’m pretty sure you’re good with other weapons just anyone that uses a shotgun is poop

  5. Been a Titan main since my first day in Destiny back in the TTK days, but this was some next-level stuff! I love the way you pop your Thundercrash then drive it around corners into cap points! That was soooo slick!

  6. Only reason hunters are pissed as a hunter main myself : sick of getting one shot by shoulder charge from titans and one shot from hand held supernova from locks… But hitting throwin knives precision shots… And not one shotting either one… I am tilted. XD

  7. As a hunter main. This video doesn’t trigger me at all , almost all weapons used in this gameplay are precision based weapons so I’m okay with it. However if it was a video of him running around with a insurmountable skull fort with a non slug based shotgun, I’d be triggered.

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