The best The Life And Times Of Michael Prince Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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WARNING: This video contains information not suited for minors and/or for sensitive type people. Viewer discretion is advised.
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22 thoughts on “The best The Life And Times Of Michael Prince Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. I do not think that Mr Casbolt is a well man,mentally. He should get some treatment. Unfortunately, people will wish to use him to make money for themselves and will then move on to the next one and the next one leaving him in a heep. He will then go seriously downhill from there just as Gazza has done.

  2. from my understanding this Michael prince was never fully human although he was cloned since 1802 on up to 1992, I have to leave my mind open to the possibility of anything is possible look how long we have been kept in the dark and lied to.

  3. Was Michael Prince around in 1966? what was his blood type?I have been having flash backs/memorie's. True fact I was taken from my mother at 2 months old,hospital said I had nemonia,hospital said she couldn't see me,this went on t'ill I was almost 2 years old,then one day the hospital said she could take me back home. Mother says I was so intelligent mesured 28 inches tall when she got me back I remember very strange things as a baby girl.I am RH O- can someone please contact me who is downloading this story.We are not GUINNEY PIGS!!!

  4. Really, what is so hard to believe? Do I believe "they" are that evil? Hell yes. Do I believe they have the technology to do this? Hell yes. So…what is so difficult to comprehend? Wake up sheeple…wake up. Not all the lemmings jump.

  5. Dude is either a crafty genius or someone behind him is. This story has no holes, and ties in all the projects/programs that ARE in effect. The problem here, IMHO, is not with his story, but in the lack of education in literature that is being suffered by so many others. The truth is found within a multitude of levels and the fact of the matter is there are no loose ends from which one can truly grab on to in order to pull it apart. It brings together everything …. absolutely amazing!

  6. The AI system cannot control human spirit and human imagination because it is not material vibrating , YOU Loose AI only the ones that don't follow the real teachings Juashua (Jesus Christ as the roman catholic church named him) Meditate and focus your mind , think of nothing, 30 days to master and it cannot harm you . Bill Donahue (Hidden Meanings) Abraham-Hicks laws of attraction, research it then You are SAVED Love and peace to you all. WE ARE MUCH MORE THAN HUMAN BEINGS
    Thanks for Vid

  7. no, he is alive. he has many clones though so every 3 to 4 months expect to hear that he died or that someone's saw him die somewhere, after all, clones are spendable and with a very short life spam and of course they are been used for very dark and nasty agendas around the globe and i believe even off world. but the original is alive as far as i know.

  8. he born (or more precisely re-born after a cryosleep from 1952 – 1976) in 1976, and i don't know where did you get he's 35 today, this document is not from this year.

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