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Special thanks to Sarah K., Rebecca Milnes, Louey Stockfeld, Emily H., Danni S., Rachel, Kayleigh W., Tamanna Das, M. Travis, Heather, Kelly Letourneau, Jamie Lee: (@JackalopeJamie, and everyone else who contributed!
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25 thoughts on “The best The Endgame is You Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. its crazy. this show would get sooo much better ratings if they hadnt named it crazy ex girlfriend and yet its the most appropriate title for the show. i remember exiting the subway train to school and seeing the picture of rachel bloom holding the pink heart shaped balloon with her crazy eyes next to the words "crazy ex girlfriend" and i remember rolling my eyes and thinking "ugh really? in 2015?!" and walking away. i wouldve sworn that this show was centered around some male protagonist who cant seem to escape his axe crazy ex girlfriend and "hilarity ensues". boy was i surprised when my bra burning uber feminist friend was like "omg i love that show!" and i was like whaaaat?! i immediately went on netflix and watched it. it was NOT what i thought it would be. they really shouldve considered a different title.

  2. okay time to throw my hat in the ring…I had seen your video after watching this video

    on the side bar saying Up Next
    always loved musicals especially from the mgm days. first musical tv series was glee (from season 1 to 3) had a love/hate with it like one song is cut in half & unnecessary key change in for good at the end of S2! by the start of S4 I left, last episode i'd watched was tribute to cory (the actor who played on the show) for i was kept in loop by Mr.Shaun42088 (Shoutout – Hey buddy!) moved onto Smash only lasting two seasons:(
    in 2016/17 how i found out about crazy ex girlfriend was through a musical theater podcast (no longer in business) called Patty & Emily.
    looked it up on yt listened to one of the songs being You stupid bitch! i was instantly impressed & got hooked.
    What i'll miss about Crazy ex girlfriend is people trying to guess and coming up with the songs they were based on.
    just can't believe it's gonna be over soon as well as gen 4 of mlp: friendship is magic ending next year.
    p.s: don't watch tv that much anymore cause i was never interested in what others were watching.
    guess i'll write stories (for various sites) collect DVDs of nostalgic value & buy rare/hard to find musical cast recordings.

  3. Thanks again for another great video. What a wonderful idea to ask fans to contribute their personal reflections on the show. It perfectly tied in with the theme of the video "The Endgame is You". I enjoyed your observation that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a form of science fiction, or maybe as I would call it, an alternate reality. Unfortunately, science fiction is very expensive to produce and doesn't sell very well (except for the occasional Star Wars / Star Trek), so we hardly get to see it on TV. I hope there will be more TV shows that push this alternative reality angle in a contemporary context. Any show that engages the audience and pushes them to ask questions about themselves and society is well-worth watching.

  4. Deep insightful analysis as usual. I actually really liked the first episode of the season I saw this past weekend. Last season seemed to sprawl out in too many different directions and this episode helped to reel it back in. As you mention during your essay the key isn't that Rebecca is "crazy", it's that she's wounded (as we all are) but is still working and trying to be better. Since this is the last season hopefully they'll keep with that story arc. I find it so rewarding seeing Rebecca becoming more noble by connecting with those outside of herself. In a way, it's a salvation story, salvation of the self through reaching out to others.

  5. Thank you, Bagels! So happy you're back making these amazingly insightful videos and thank you to all the amazing contributors. CXGF has meant so much to me as a Jewish woman, as a bisexual "slut", as someone who struggles with mental health issues. Seeing that others connect so deeply is such a validating experience. Seeing a main character who reflects myself so much, even (no-ESPECIALLY) the ugly, has helped me to accept that I am deserving of the love I receive. I love Rebecca Bunch, flaws and all, as cliché as it sounds, which means that those who love me do so not because I'm "tricking" them as my disorder would have me believe. Watching this fictitious character face similar trials and tribulations made me feel more "real" than I ever have. We're not alone <3

  6. Wait okay is that clip from Master of None? And why is something about Fleabag superimposed over it? (I love Fleabag and agree with the statement, just don't know if there's something I'm missing about that clip lol)

  7. I'm so glad you decided to continue your video essay series on CxG. You are absolutely brilliant at illustrating topics from the show that may not be obvious to viewers, and I could watch your videos for hours – on any topic, I suspect. Thank you for being our companion throughout our journey with Rachel and Aline. <3

  8. Thank you so much for putting this together. I can't imagine it was easy splicing everything together, giving it a kind of narrative, and taking the time to listen to fellow fans' intense and beautiful stories. It really makes me so happy to know there are people like you, the people featured in the video, and the people behind the scenes of this show we love because sometimes it can be so hard to think that there could be so many like-minded people out there. Oddly enough, the tipping point that encouraged me to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was the music video for "Tell Me I'm Okay(Patrick)" because I have so often felt that desperate need for someone else to see your supposed sanity and validate it to you. From there, this show changed my life and taught me that maybe that's not actually what we all need. I will surely rewatch this soon, and I'm so excited to watch this final season with everyone.

  9. To bagels after midnight: thank you for making me understand the genius of this show

    When the show started, I watched a few episodes and, though I found it intriguing, I quit because the show was too peppy and light for my taste. Then, a few months ater, I got a little too obsessed with video essays about film and tv and happened to stumble on to your channel. Hearing your personal attachment to this show lead me to give it another chance and thankfully it got much darker as the season went on. So, I guess thank you. I'm not the biggest fan of the show in the way you or the other people in the video are, but I think I did learn to look beneath the surface, because hidden treasures can be found anywhere. That's why they're hidden.

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