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  1. Fucking nut case Fucktard. Remember 9/11 only caused by a few extremists change entire US against many Muslims? Are you fucking stupid? Farlong Kong is a new cult under a banner of peaceful practice. Ask yourselves again how US of a treated Communist back in early cold war era? Better, how you neo-con paranoia toward ultra left leaning socialists?

  2. China have a long history of abusing it’s our people since the Qin Shi Huang….so what CCP doing now is nothing new considering it’s track history. A lot of people died building the Great Wall n Canal in the millions

  3. Look around, Islam is pretty fucking evil and destructive to any culture that is not Islam, you can compare it with the religious version of communism. You people need to get that Islam isn't an optional thing, it's a total ideology, where there are punishments for "kaffir"(unbelievers) much like judaism which by default regard "goyim" as "lesser value". Unlike other civilized religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism. Aforementioned religions have in civilized times been regarded as an OPTIONAL world view and guide, Islam is not. There's a big difference. Islam is not OPTIONAL and not compatible with other religions, racially, spiritually, morally and socially. Islam destroyed and already assimilated the middle east in doing that wiped out any trace of multiple other religions such as Zoroastrianism. Why? Because for these people there is only one "allah" any other religion is not an option, and must be eliminated because in their book it's regarded as defamation. Does that mean that what china is doing to this tribe is right? Not really, but they are dealing with this threat in their depraved communist manner before they drive into chinese christmas markets and suicide bomb in the name of the mighty war god "allah".

    People are different spiritually but most of all racially, we are all different and that's just a natural fact that needs to be accepted, we can all live in peace separated. Islamic cultists have invaded Europe dozens of times historically, they are doing it again, but this time our (((politicians))) are letting it happen so they can achieve their goal of destroying the west based on their semitic revenge of Hooton/Kalergi plan Marxist values for a vast consumer slave "multicultural utopia" where "everyone is equal" and thereby everyone is a slave, except the "party bosses" which go by many names, just like in China / Former USSR.

    So much for the uhh we're all equal bullshit, no race regarded as civilized has ever committed gruesome horror crimes like Rotherdam, acid attacks, genital mutilation and this. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1552482/Missing-girls-body-put-into-kebab.html

    Go figure, if you're still a mouth breathing brainwashed Marxist Liberal dupe that's hellbent on digging your own grave move to China and experience RealCommunism®™

  4. I’ve heard about Falun Gong as an evil cult all my life. I have heard lots of tragic things happened because people were brainwashed by Falun Gong. I never knew what Falun Gong is but I am scared of it all my life. Before I came to the US to study , my family warned me not to talk to people who practice Falun Gong here. Thank you for the video . It really helps me see things from another perspective . I think I’m going to do more research on this .

  5. this is why we don’t have to change our vocabulary so that “some ppl” won’t get “offended”, good luck believing in cults and calling “human” “huperson”, sorry “huperchild”

  6. While I don't condone the ill-treatment of innocent people, I find it very difficult to be empathetic toward people who follow and support an ideology that calls for the violent subjugation of non-believers, and one that was founded by a pedophile warlord with a gruesome history. So these folks eliminating one another is rather a positive thing.

  7. The failure to apply utopian ideals is on the part of humanity, it's ever existing fallibility. This is one of the many things I hate about human kind.

    Fascism, Nazism, Marxist-Leninism, Maoism, Stalinism& the failure to apply Communism are all the same, they're humanity's fallibility and its called TOTALITARIANISM

  8. We all know that how US and UK invade Iraq, syria, State of Libya, US and UK killed millions people in the last 20 years, they always try to make other countries into civil war , they help isis to invade syria, now US try to help Xinjiang terrorist to make trouble to China , they start to use the same fake news to brainwash their citizens. please watch below information that show how US invade other countries and make them into civil wars.



    Please help china, we don't want wars, we want peace , we don't want civil wars, we don't want terrorist , please stop making fake news to china, please stop ….

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