The best Swann NVW-490CAM Security Camera Mounting & Installation Tips Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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Here are some general camera mounting tips that will apply to most Swann cameras.

Make sure to watch the previous segment “General Camera Configuration” to help you select an appropriate location.

If you are installing cameras outdoors, make sure to place them in a location sheltered from direct sunlight, rain and moisture.

Begin by sticking the template where you wish to install a camera.

If you’re mounting to drywall, brick or masonry, use a 3/16” drill bit to drill 3 holes in the template.

If you are mounting to wood or a stud use a smaller drill bit.

Once the holes are drilled gently tap the mounting plugs or wall anchors into the holes with a hammer until they are flush with the surface.

Mounting plugs or wall anchors are not required if you are mounting the camera onto a wooden or stud surface.

Now, align the camera, and secure it using the supplied screws into the holes in the camera’s mounting base and into the wall plugs or anchors you just installed.

Tighten the screws with a Philips head screwdriver but take care to not over tighten them. * Do Not Overtighten

Now, with the camera properly mounted connect one end of an extension cable to the matching plugs on the camera’s short cable.

Then, carefully route the extension cable to the recording system.

Make sure the cable is up, out of the way of foot traffic, and other hazards.

Ensure that it is protected from the weather as much as possible, especially the power connections .

Avoid running cables where electrical interference is expected.
Do not to stretch or apply force greater than 25lbs/11kgs.
Do not bend the cable greater than 90 degrees.
Do not over tighten cable ties.
Avoid using a staple gun to secure the cable to a wall.

If the cable junctions will be outdoors, wrap the connections with electrical tape.

To secure the cable in place, consult a hardware store to determine the best type of fastener for your particular installation.

You may wish to purchase plastic cable ties or mounting clips at a home improvement or electronics store to secure the cable.

Then, secure the cable, making sure to keep the cable run nice and neat to maximize visual appeal.

Your Bullet camera has three points of articulation .
Use a Philips head screwdriver or Allen key to loosen the bolts.
This point enables left or right rotation.
This next point enables up or down movement.
This point enables camera rotation.
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