7 thoughts on “The best POWER LEAD SYSTEM How to get ridiculous amount of leads with Facebook! Power Lead System Training! Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. Hallo Shawn. Thanks so much for this video. What you are sharing is like gold dust. I have not seen any other person teach Facebook Group post management to this level! Much credit to you.

  2. I may do an update to this and show you how many leads I am getting when I do this consistently.. I finished with 46 leads in 24 hours.. But again THE slowest time of the year for posting is right now.. I'll do a few days back to back and get it going and do a video in a few months.. You'll see what this can really do.. : 0) What will I change from the video? Not a thing..

  3. I had fun with this video.. I need to make more like this one actually… : 0) It looked more like my older ones when I first started doing videos.. Everyone check out my Playlist for Power Lead System as well..

    I give out a lot of great content there for sure.. And like always.. Leave a comment a like and subscribe to this channel as well.. I am constantly putting out new content.. Thanks for coming through.. : 0)

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