The best Porsche 911 Carrera S: First Driving Impressions Of The New 992 | Carfection + Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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Henry Catchpole reviews the new Porsche 911 on both road and track in Spain. With more power but also more weight, is it still the sports car to beat? And which is better – rear-wheel-drive S or the quicker 4S?

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49 thoughts on “The best Porsche 911 Carrera S: First Driving Impressions Of The New 992 | Carfection + Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. First question to ask is, does the shifter feel good in the hand. If it does, fine. If it doesn’t, the management need to be replaced. So many changes to this car coming every year. Every year the classic 911 look gets removed, little by little. In comparison, the American mustang looks more and more like the 911. The success of the 911 is not based on big and wide. It was compact, simple, functional and you loved to be in it. Is this still the objective of the 911 management. Looking at the shift lever, I’m not so sure.

  2. Since the rear wing is now so much wider, I wonder If It'll be possible to introduce the next Turbo/S without that fixed rear wing and with this new wider wing as stock instead.
    I find the 911 just looks so much better without a fixed wing breaking that lovely slope in the rear. Perhaps a Turbo S 'Touring package' similar to the one offered for the GT3.

  3. What are the ‘mandatory’ options for enthusiasts? I feel like the 911 gets better the simpler it is. Although I’d imagine rear steering is great, none of the options seem like must-haves.

  4. PAUSE at 2:29… they chose to re-design a dashboard that reminds you of the 1970's period in order to motivate generation X buyers because generation X loves the 1970's music. But music has nothing to do with fashion/design, don't know what direction their brain is at. What about center of the dashboard those 5 huge buttons popping out, MOTHER FUCKER INTERIOR DESIGNERS. Anyways if they do the same error with the 992 GT3 dashboard then this only means they are aiming for bankruptcy.

  5. When they created Porsche Carerra, the mold was broken. Porsche or non. I can't say enough about the beauty and the engineering of this car. Engineers are geniuses, and the car is a total beauty.

  6. I aways love the Carfection videos…except. What is the point of the background music? I can't see that it adds anything to the experience, but I can see that it makes it difficult to enjoy the sound of the car. It's annoying until around the 5 minute mark when it thankfully fades away. Finally. Lose the music, let the sound of the exhaust serve as background music while you're talking.

  7. I short this is a tiny evolution from the 991.2! More HP and the Panamera dash. Save yourself some $ and buy a 991.2 GTS! It’s this car with actual buttons and a shifter which BTW has to come with an after market shifter!

  8. Sir Henry Catchpole – the Master Reviewer of Motoring. A review from Henry is like watching your good book come alive in the movies, you are one with the car and it is you who is experiencing the drive.
    This one was perhaps the finest I have seen by Henry, the passion and the soul of perhaps the ultimate driver's automobile brought before us in all her glory. May we get more machines like these (and more reviews)

  9. H.C. is currently one of a handful auto reviewers who is both original and descriptive in his car evaluations. Definitely moving up the charts for must see auto reviews if you want simple, honest and entertaining information.

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