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We can’t remove politics from games. They express our perspectives and understanding of the world, just like movies, books, or any other art form. We can agree or disagree with the stances they express, but all media is political.
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Politics in Games – All Media is Political – Extra Credits

40 thoughts on “The best Politics in Games – All Media is Political – Extra Credits Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes

  1. Just because all media CAN be political doesn't mean it IS though. A portrait of a cat with her kittens doesn't have to be a statement about motherhood. Maybe the artist is paying tribute to a beloved pet that passed away? Maybe they just like to draw kittens?
    And a grimdark dystopian novel about people who live in sewers doesn't have to be a statement on class inequality, maybe the writer is just a weirdo who got inspired after watching a documentary on sewer rats. Sure some of his biases may subconsciously make it in there, but that's not the same as a political product. Why can't artists just have fun anymore?

  2. Obviously we can't get rid of all politics i games. Nobody is saying that it all should get removed. People only have an issue with it if it forces the developer's opinions down the player's throats, this video achieved nothing that we didn't already know

  3. George Lucas's Star Wars always showed and made ethical and political points throughout his entire saga. There was Slavery, Gambling, Gang Warfare, Corporate Greed, Resource Fights, Toxic Politicians, Automation, Privatization, Dictatorships, Rebellions, and the overall sence that War is Horrible. However they didn't simply shoehorned them in and focused on them for scenes on end, they would take breaks from the scene and focus on other plots that were going on as well to keep the pacing active and on a stedy corse. They had politics back then and they used and presented them correctly.
    Ryan Johnson in The Last Jedi on the other hand gave us Canto Bight. Over half an hour of Slavery, Corporate Greed which both we're already covered in the original saga, and Animal Abuse. Unfortunately they shoehorned them in, and their exposition or commentary of those subjects and ethics were so superficial and obvious, it made the majority of audience feel like they were being Babied. On top of it, the political subplot went on way to long and in the end they didn't follow through with them, so it pointlessly brought the pacing of the film to an utter halt. Casual viewers felt bored or stupid while the smartest Cringed, and as 3PO once said in Attack of the Clones "This is such a Drag."
    So you see when people say they don't want politics in there art, I think what they really mean is they don't want there art or entertainment to morph onto hold you're hand, law school education and for it to slow down the pacing of the fun in the entertainment. They'll only exept such massages or advice in there art if it treats them smartly and doesn't distracts them and detracts from there overall enjoyment. You see it is okay to have or make political points in you're art, you just have to think carefully about how you want to express you're opinions or messages and implement them correctly. 20th Century Fox and George used politics in Star War wisely, universally, and creatively. While Disney and these new directors use theirs bizarrely, closemindedly, and poorly.

  4. Interesting. Although, i would differ on that statement as a generalization. All media is not political but rather cultural. There is an indirect relationship there in politics. There are works of fiction that do not address politics or laws directly but rather cultural aspects which indirectly influence political aspects. (Works like Utena (anime) and KH (game) are good examples of this). If you put that way, then, yes, all media is cultural, therefore political if the situation so requires it. It is inherent.

  5. Applicability over Allegory. Building a full fledged well reasoned world that may apply to real world politics is far different from trying to shove your personal agenda into the game. We don't and shouldn't have people inserting their biased, narrow, judgemental politics in games regardless of which side were on. We'll innately cover subjects as better stories are told and better worlds are created and they'll do a hell of a lot better than those who tried to shove it down gamers throats.

  6. 2 problems with your insight in to the movies. 1 battle star gelatica came out in the 1980's and the new one is a rehash of that show. 2 star trek is a socialistic view where all the same problems of racism still exist but it's against alien races instead of against the human race.

  7. Gonna completely disagree with the idea that all media is political. Politics has to either be put into media or people have to construe politics onto it. Games like Super Hexagon don't have politics. Songs like Flight of the Flamingo support no agenda.

    You'd have to have some pretty rock solid evidence for that initial premise, otherwise the entire argument falls apart. It is entirely possible to keep politics out of games.

    For instance, lets take the fairly new Chroma Squad as an example of a game most if not all people would consider as a game without politics. Chroma Squad's gameplay is so removed from any kind of politics that it makes the claim that it is political at all laughable. The best you could argue is that the buying and selling in the game supports a capitalistic mindset, but that requires mental gymnastics that few are capable of, and even fewer are willing to do.

    Not all media is political. All media has a message, whether or not an artist intends that message, but that message is not always political. You don't just lose all games when you have no politics in some of them. The ones with politics in them still exist, comfortably alongside the rest of them.

  8. People says no more politics only when they disagree with the politic message.

    The thing is artist and creator tend to be leftist. Bu gamers (who are consumers from middle classes) tend to be from conservative right.

  9. I think "political" might not be the right term here. It seems more that what you're trying to express is that, whatever an artist expresses, stems from their own perceptions of the world. Since most people's perception is largely influenced by politics, I see why you chose that word. Politics largely deals with ares and oughts though, and very little with aethetics, the latter which is another major influence for arts.
    Still, I don't think people who want 'politics out of games' only want aesthetics based games. I think it's more the case that some people want their media consumption to be a pause from having to consider their political position, rather than a catalyst of it.

  10. I’ve also seen game “journalists” demand more and more a ham fisted political message in all their games and specifically about what they think it should be about e.g. Farcry 5. I think politics have a place in all art including games, but I get so annoyed with this idea that these “journalists” are criticizing games for not being about what they want it to be about

  11. what most people mean when they say "keep politics out of games" is "keep OTHER peoples political opinions out of MY games" which is arrogant and possessive as hell.

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