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Normalizing Pentagon Hollywood Propaganda: For Gerard Butler’s new film Hunter Killer the covert mask, usually donned by the office the Pentagon maintains in Hollywood, has been tossed aside. Did you notice? Do you know what you’re looking at? Do you know the meaning of the word propaganda? Do you know the power of art and storytelling? I break it all down for you.


NATION SECURITY CINEMA by Tom Secker and Matt Alford:

My speech at EMU on this topic:




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Normalizing Pentagon Hollywood Propaganda

15 thoughts on “The best Normalizing Pentagon Hollywood Propaganda Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes

  1. THIS is where they have the Uh-merikan public by the balls! Oh…our military, our military!! We need…more money more money. throwing untold millions and millions at he "military", and this is where the money goes to?!?? disgusting! I'm sharing this.

  2. So very pleased to have found your channel. I was 30 minutes into watching it and stopped it for a moment because of how it was making me feel. So I took out my phone and tyoed into the yt search "hunter killer propaganda". Your vid was at the very tip top of the list. The rest of the vids was gerard on parade and film reviews. Non gave anything insightful. I have been teaching everything you said to my wife and children. I even agree with your analysis so completely that I sent the link to my wife with instructions to check out your channel. We have been in exile for a long time now due to us sharing with our community how we are all being deminished every single day by a few thousand people in wash d.c. So we have been labelled conspiracy nuts. We get phone calls every once in awhile from old friends or family that hasnt acknowledged our existance in decades. They call because we come to mind once they have finally noticed how they arent happy with their lives. They are sick and they are tired. And they want to gain our insight on how to combat these symptoms. All we can say is to "pay close attention to diet. Mentally,spiritually and physically. Because food,like information,is disguised as good and healthy but rarely ever is. We are in a literal fight for our lives and the future of this planet. Educate those who will listen. Even if they dont appreciate your 2 cents initially,they will come around once it effects them personally. We cannot treat them the way they treated us when they turned their backs on us. We must show what love really looks like. They dont know the intense pain they caused(d) us when they treated us as if we lost our marbles. It may not be easy to do ……but we are the light barers. We do not present darkness as light,war as peace nor slavery as freedom. Noble intent is whats going to win the hearts and minds of those who have eyes to see and ears to listen. Anyways,definately a new sub here! Blessings be with you.

  3. Well said Tiffany. You broke it down clear and easy to understand. I find I watch movies and television a lot differently these days and constantly look for the manipulation. It's everywhere.

  4. This feels a bit like a conspiracy theory. How is this a first amendment violation if someone is consenting to the funding? The filmmakers are choosing to get funding from the government, knowing they will have full control of the script. There are a myriad of other ways to get funding and make a movie that do not involve the government. That'd be like saying for a Congressional resolution it is against the 1st amendment for the federal government to require certain things from states and universities for them to receive government funding. That is not brainwashing or going against an amendment! If you disagree with the choices of which scripts they edit or you disagree with requirements for public universities, use your voting power and put other people in these positions and lobby against certain laws. Contact your senators and representatives. Start a movement! This is how our country works. There's extreme corruption with Monsanto getting the FDA to subsidize feed for factory farming, with their CEOs on the FDA board, etc. Certain whistleblowers within the industry have made documentaries about this and now it is more public information.

    I don't understand either what you mean by "the government wants you to forget the Vietnam war." Anyone who has gone to public school learns in-depth about all the wars, especially Vietnam. For the 20th Century in my AP U.S. history class we spent more time on Vietnam than World War I. Everything about our country's history is public information. Of course the average person can be easily misinformed and not take the initiative to learn sketchy things that our government has done, like coups in South America, that we were mostly in Iraq for oil, etc. But it is not a conspiracy. Anyone can go check out a book from a public library, order a textbook from Amazon, google our history. It's all public information. An actual government that hides things from its citizens is how Thailand covered up that their current King most likely murdered his brother. A Thai citizen wrote a book about it and he was banned from the country and the book does not exist in the country and they've blocked any website talking about it. That's a real "government coverup"

  5. It's early morning in Australia and what a lovely way to wake up to you disseminating the truth on your big white chair!
    Have you looked into neuro linguistic programming? Fits into the whole hollywood thing as well as a tool used by politicians
    to insert their agenda while the mind is open. Mr Obama was very good at it…they all do it.
    Much love to you!

  6. I did find it very interesting that right after I heard, from you, about the role of the Pentagon in creating movies, Gerard Butler was suddenly talking from the Pentagon about a movie!
    Coincidence? I think not.

  7. Speaking of Cruise, and being an artist myself, the best definition of art I've found to date is from L. Ron Hubbard — Art is the quality of a communication. Cruise' art is quality no doubt. But what has he sacrificed of himself, his own morality, to crank out these pro-military and covert criminal agencies just to make a buck? Cruise, you supposedly through your religion are pro-human rights but by promoting the military as you have, 100% sucking up to them for your extravaganzas, how many people around the world have you helped to harm, put at risk including the military personnel who sit behind computers all day long launching drone attacks on men, women and children in Yemen, Gaza, etc.? You are condoning their remorselessness. Ever once think about that, Cruise? Probably not.

  8. Makes me wonder how hard Tom Cruise had to bend over to do his CIA. Pentagon propaganda? "Edge of Tomorrow," all of the Mission Impossible films — knowing what Tiffany exposes here, I find Cruise, Butler and every Marvel film frauds and PR front men for criminal organizations masquerading as the good guys.

  9. You are an amazing source for information and analysis. But keeping it real it is necessary to verify claims and acknowledge mistakes.
    Your vid from yesterday-
    HRC "surrendered" Security Clearance Aug 30th 2018- this is not a recent thing.
    Julian Assange has NOT be given his internet access back.

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