The best NASA proposes submarine mission to Saturn’s moon Titan Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2019

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NASA is planning to send a submarine to Saturn’s largest moon by 2040 to study Titan’s hydrocarbon oceans. Titan is the only celestial body in the solar system other than Earth that is known to host liquid lakes and seas on its surface.

Titan’s atmosphere is a mix of methane, nitrogen, and argon, and its surface has liquid methane oceans and lakes. Atmospheric pressure is 50 percent higher than Earth at sea level.

The submarine will be carried to Titan by a spacecraft similar to the X-37 Orbital Test Vehicle. The spacecraft would decelerate on contact with Titan’s dense atmosphere and glide into Titan’s Kraken Mare, where the sub would be ejected from the spacecraft.

The submarine’s radiothermal Sterling generator can propel the craft at about 4 kmph and generates heat to keep the craft from freezing in the liquid methane sea.

The submarine will measure the alien sea’s chemistry, currents and tides, as well as hunt for evidence of organic life. At surface level the craft is able to transmit data directly back to Earth via its antenna.

NASA hopes that by studying Titan’s Kraken Mare, the mission could reveal whether environmental conditions hospitable to life may be found on planets and moons outside our solar system.


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32 thoughts on “The best NASA proposes submarine mission to Saturn’s moon Titan Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2019

  1. Yes! I hope this is done! Liquid methane is a very poor solvent. Lakes would literally be crystal clear. More clear than any springs on Earth. Imagine what Galileo achieved. Anyone can do what he did now with ordinary technology, such as with binoculars. Imagine, someday we may be able to send our own spacecraft to these worlds, and control them with our smartphones. It's possible.

  2. NASA is a private organization like the Federal Reserve. They probably already have something there. You mean we went to the moon 45 years ago and we've done nothing else. Yet we are 18 Trillion dollars in debt, with no accountability it's just gone. Right! Black ops programs I would think are very expensive.

  3. I have all ways wanted to be on a planet that people won't know it's you that has past gas on the train. And for all your red necks out their that translates to no one smell my shit gas on underground bus

  4. Why don't they put that submarine under our ocean and explore the 95% that hasn't been explored, I don't know we might find flight 370 along the way..and all Bermuda mysteries, the mariana trench?? Nasa you guys are idiots…

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