The best MSI GT73VR Titan Pro Dragon Center profiles Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2019

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What’s you guys it’s Convex here just showing you the different features of the dragon center so please sit back and enjoy xD

Sorry I kinda just done a really fast run through if there is anything I missed just tell me and I will try to explain what it does.
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16 thoughts on “The best MSI GT73VR Titan Pro Dragon Center profiles Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2019

  1. So, i have MSI GL72 7RD and i cant install dragon center 1.2… i tried to unistall 1.0 and install the latest version from the msi website and after i still have 1.0 :/ why is this happening? 1.0 was installed when i bought it :/

  2. i need help i have dragon center on my MSI Apache Pro GE72VR laptop and it looks the same but the dragon center isn't showing the cpu clock speeds and in the setting for turbo i dont have multiple options i just have cpu core clock offset and vram clock offset and i can only change MHz i just need help overclocking because my dragon center doesn't show the same info as you show. Should I download a new dragon center?

  3. Anyone getting gaming crashing often CONTACT your seller immediately. I got my Msi GT73VR 6re mid Nov with constant game crashing. The Amazon seller sent me a shipping label (overnight 1st class) n when tMsi got it they found the gtx 1070 used some chip name I never heard of and the mobo didn't work right with it (Every game would crash tons of black lines, freezing..)  so they put Samsung chips in . Well they flashed a new bios to the gpu and mobo and now she runs like a dream. Do you have exact same model?

  4. hey can u go over turbo mode in a seperate video. I messed with it and then restarted my laptop like you said but I dont see any difference in speed in task manager. It would be great if u went over this in a video and showed us how to check if we indeed overclocked our laptop.

  5. Hey Convex…I heard that the MSI GT73 speakers are kind of disappointing…don't know how far it's true…I mean the NAHIMIC audio application kind of suppresses the sound output from the Dynaudio speakers and makes the audio quality kinda low…what's your feedback on it man…how do you rate the sound quality of the laptop overall….is it good for music and games…did you use any custom sound software or app settings for your sound output or you are using the default app..I mean the NAHIMIC sound configuration settings….feedback will be appreciated…thanks.

  6. 4:07 I notice the temperatures are really hot at ideal. Is it because of your screen recorder btw what is the screen recorder (quality is amazing)? Can you tell me the ideal temperature without screen recording please also stay on sport mode, fan speed at auto.

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