The best Listening to ‘Whisper’: Social media app found to tracks users Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes

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The anonymous app Whisper claims to be the safest place on the Internet, where users can share intimate details about their private and professional lives. But an investigation by Britain’s Guardian newspaper has revealed the social media app actually tracks its users, stores their information and shares it with the US Department of Defense. For more on this RT is joined by Arjen Kamphuis, co-author of the free handbook ‘Information Security and Information security expert & trainer,


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Listening to ‘Whisper’: Social media app found to tracks users

24 thoughts on “The best Listening to ‘Whisper’: Social media app found to tracks users Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes

  1. ROFL. Just stop all internet connections between the world and the USA. Don't let USA "citizens" out of their country and the spying is for 99% over.
    But honest people have nothing to hide don't they "the fact that they are slaves and walking zombies without a working brain" is nothing new for the rest of the world.

  2. -TheWatchman144K
    "We are all going to have to learn to use the 8th sense, which allows you to communicate over long distances without no technology involved, the Ancient Egyptians  had use of 360 senses and this is the only way to avoid mass Zionist  surveillance. This really does exist but requires training to attain it."

    Top fucking lel.

  3. Why would you post those kind of things in the first place, I really don't get it anymore, Im sorry, if you want privacy don't use these apps, same with twitter and facebook, people want privacy but at the same time they post the most craziest things online, it's says it all , ONLINE, so when you have an internet connection anyone can misuse it, my gods, it's so simple, don't use these APPS , that's all !!!!! , so now the US military knows exactly whom is posting its PSTD posts etc..
    They can pinpoint you on a couple of meters, of course they made this APP, duh !!!, who benefits form these kind of posts, think people !!!! , I really don't get this sick society anymore.
    We know books like 1984 where there is a police state etc.. but the fact is , we as a people giving it freely to our so called leaders, don't cry or be pissed off about it if it backfires , we did it to our selves, my gods in heaven.

  4. This just shows that military people are getting stupider, not only are they fighting overseas to supposedly stop the "terrorists" and losing everything, but they are also losing all their rights back home, what happen to defending this country from any threat, foreign or domestic. There is a reason why high ranking politicians won't send their own kids to fight. Now soldiers are bring sent to ebola country, and like zombies they obey because of the "terrorist"

  5. There is NO SAFE PLACE on the internet,the entire thing was designed from the ground up as a intelligence gathering resource,everything you've done since you purchased a computer or "smart" device has been seen/recorded for future use.they don't immediately check your content but when they want to or if you trigger their keyword recognition software to alert them,they just type in your name and bam,there it is ,everything.So you wanna become a senator an they don't want you to,that tweet or picture you took or video you made would mysteriously surface and there goes your future no chance.,instead of helping mankind with this amazing technology they are using it to rule us with an iron fist.

  6. The US Military encourged their soldiers to disclose personal information on a site which the Military had set up to spy on their soldiers.  The US Military did this because they are terrified of a rebellion within the US Military.  Since WW2 the US Military has been built up as a huge technological war machine to crush any resistence to the NWO, so a revolt within in the US Military would destroy centuries of NWO planning and preparation for despotic One World Government.

  7. It amazes me… smart phones were designed and developed foremost by intelligence branches for this slecific purpose. This is fact. Why then is anyone ever surprised when they are monitered through a device that was cesigned to monitor? It has mic, cameras, gps, data storing, gives real time updates on just about everything you ever do… if you don't like it… buy and older cheap nokia… though these devices are still made with inbuilt tracking systems, you are still afforded more privacy… want total privacy? Easy.. throw out yoyr phone and never use the internet again… yes.. the internet was also designed by intelligence branches… so you do the math people.

  8. Guess that means never trust an app that says it's main function is anonymity. It's an obvious false flag to get you. Of course that only works with stupid people, like those in the military. It would never work with intelligent people. Intelligent people would see that false flag a mile away.

  9. Contrary to what most think, all so called "social" applications and websites weren't made to bring humans together, but to manipulate and control people.

    If you cherish you're privacy and freedom do not join facebook or any of the other retarded social apps. 

  10. If people trust any app…ANY APP !!! They are certifiable morons.
    The biggest profits that can be made by any app maker is the selling of private info they gather on users.
    Dumb fookes deserve what they get when they trust any computer app or device to be anonymous.

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