38 thoughts on “The best LEGO Star Wars B-Wing & Rebel Control Center from 2000! set 7180 Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. This set was a great set back then because it had a ton of useful and new pieces (back in the day of course).This was one of my first lego star wars sets (my actual first set was the gungan submarine back in i think 1999), and I loved it because I remember watching Return of the Jedi with my parents and they pointed out every little detail to me back in the day (1997), so I quickly caught on to that 1 original scene of the b-wing. When this came out, i could finally see what the full b-wing looked like, and I was in love with it right away. It definintely has not held up over time in terms of design (and also in terms of condition since i still have this set in my apartment room in my closet with loads of dust on it), but for people who did custom builds back then, this set was golden.

  2. when I took apart my custom 2M repulsor tank and rebuilt this bwing I changed out most of the blue for grey or black pieces, I also added a few imperial insignias on it instead of the orange circles as I couldn't find them lol

  3. I got some of this set (i think) turbo tank (2005) slave 1 (2006) anakins Jedi starfighter (2005) most of arc 170 (2005) and some of the vulture droid (2005) and r4 from the 2005 obi WANs starfighter all for Β£60 in like 2009 when I came home from school I didn't stop playing with it lol

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