The best How to Tell a Defective Engine Radiator Cap/Cover – Causes Coolant Overflow. Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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Here another radiator cap issue: . In this video you will experience a weird situation with the Engine Radiator Coolant Hose on all Internal Combustion Engine. The engine radiator and its reservoir tank will flow over with car engine temperature with in normal range. We explain the How the Engine Radiator cap should perform and how to notice a radiator cap that does not meet the engine requirement or How to Identify a Defective Engine Radiator cap. Sometime a coolant over flowing radiator after shutting down the engine may not always seem to be a OVER-HEATING condition. This is a general standard condition to remain the same for all engine cooling system with a coolant bottle(not-over flow bottle) which will become pressurize and in incorporated with the Engine cooling System. Radiator Cap or Cover is a part with a 10yrs or 100,000 mile operation – which ever come first. Re-using a old radiator cap after servicing the cooling system will cause cooling problem later on. Such has Coolant over flow when engine is shut off or failure to maintain a fill coolant radiator system. If the radiator cap fail to control coolant flow from radiator and over flow tank. The engine will over heat from low coolant inside the engine block and radiator. Always check the automobile service manual for specification and recommend test for your application radiator cap or cover :-).

How to lower engine coolant operation temperature .

How to replace engine radiator; for Nissan Frontier(D22) or identical Pathfinder(R50).

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22 thoughts on “The best How to Tell a Defective Engine Radiator Cap/Cover – Causes Coolant Overflow. Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. Good explaination ! My issue is i have plooms of white steam come out the cap when i open it.. and an empty reservoir .. i fill the rad again and the reservoir ..half way.. but after a number of hours its empty again and white steam is present

  2. great video and helpful. Stupied question i just had my radiator changed and the mechanic forgot to lock the cap on so when I arrived back home i could hear and then saw my radiator was steaming out and leaking a little. I locked it on and also my engine wasn't over heating but with the cap loose can this cause and issue with proper flow to my heater core rad. Should the larger hose that come out of the radiator be full of pressure after driving ? . thank you

  3. Everyone was telling me “yo bro u have a blow head gasket/head” and I’m like shit that’ll be expensive. But all of those idiots never told me the possibility, that i just could have had a bad radiator cap….

  4. Oil on thing ive noticed i bought oem radiator cap for my 2006 nissan altima and after 3 months outer rubber of the cap near that valve expanded and iam started hearing water sound on passenger side and you started over heat all cause of that cap change it and ive flushed it but omg some time is raised in temp not overheated ive filled with distill water temporary untill ill be sure there was no problem then ill fill with premix prestone as water here above 40 C upto 45 C in my country

  5. My Xterra 3.3 V6 top hose gets hot but never seem to have pressure build up. I can squeeze it easily. engine seems to run fine and doesn't overheat. No signs of a leak. Bottom hose is cool and as well as overflow reservoir. Is this normal?

  6. My brand new radiator cap popped open when I turned off my car. All I heard was a fizzing sound of coolant leaking out when I turned off my car. Is it because I need a higher psi on the cap or maybe I didn’t install it correctly?

  7. Excellent analysis and explanation! I had this same problem occurring with my GMC Sierra where the upper radiator hose was collapsing as if it had been under tremendous negative pressure (vacuum). Instead of faulty radiator hose, I now believe it may have been caused by a plugged surge/recovery tank cap which was not venting properly.

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