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Use the Below image to check if your TV supports Full Range RGB or PC range.

Simply download and stick on a USB and insert into your TV if it has a USB mode and view the image with the instructions from the video.

RangeCheck image for Download from my website

If you have an XboxOne use the Configure TV process on the console and follow the Video tips

For PS4 owners simply use the Web Browser and browse to this page and click on the below links to images and follow the Video instructions, be sure to set your Browser to Full Screen when doing this.

Range Check

The below are some base settings for major TV manufacturers, use these ONLY as a last resort rather than the config but they will be a base to tweak from and adjust based on preference and room/lightning.

Samsung LCD/LED
Colour Temperature : Neutral
Picture Settings
Backlight : 5(10)
Contrast : 90(100) – 45(50)
Brightness : 48(100) – 26(50)
Sharpness : 2(10) – 25(100)
Colour : 48(100)
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Samsung Plasma


Colour Temperature : Neutral
Picture Settings
Contrast : 92(100) – 42(50)
Brightness : 51(100) – 30(50)
Sharpness : 3(10) – 28(100)
Colour : 52(100)

LG Plasma


Game-Mode On (All Post effects like Dynamic contrast etc Off)
Backlight : 7
Contrast : 98
Brightness : 51
Hue 0
Colour : 51
Colour settings neutral
Sharpness : 32
Nr off
MPEG nr off
Dot nr off
Smooth graduation OFF
Film mode auto
Reality creation OFF (important)

Advanced settings
Black corrector off
Adv contrast enhancer off
Gamma 0
Auto light limiter off
Clear white off
Live colour High
White balance r gain 0 g gain 0 b gain 0 r bias 0 g bias 0 b bias 0
Detail enhancer off
Edge enhancer off
Skin naturaliser off

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20 thoughts on “The best How To Set up your TV for Games Correctly. Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. These are my normal picture settings brightness 27 or 37 contrasts 85 backlight 100% or 50% and set to automatic adjust I usually put that on high and I keep my black level on high

  2. The Limited range and full range color feature here's a little tip you can add this to your your YouTube video is the confrontation with TV settings switch also has it limited range option and full range auction of colors and automatic range and it settings as well on a switch sulfur and updated video you can mention this idea to switch owners to cuz I own a switch considering what subject to talk about

  3. Its funny as I'm going through this video on phone and adjusting my tv by viewing the images on my ps4 the picture starts looking amazing then I look back at my phone to continue the video and realize the picture on my phone is hella fuckered up lmao

  4. Hello, i am using your settings for a sony led tv, but after i start hitman in 4k, the screen is very very black too dark to see anything in game, i cannot access advanced settings once the ps4 is switch on, you can only change the first row of settings under your title Game-Mode on, any thoughts?? i am using sony kd49xf7003, its not a andorid model

  5. I just play without my hdr10 4k and use no colour to be sure im not playing with wrong colours and brightness idea to do it black and white and turn of the things that cost money in your tv ,you have no worries if you play with wrong settings .its a great idea that i came up with when i thought that hdrr turned of would make it become new forever.just like a chair with the plastic on to make it last longer. For my tips and other things people need to know but need me for the extra original and very great ideas they cant understand for its insane cool way to save new things to just not use it.its your tv that will last forever ,u just need to never use it ..dont send me money and support to make more ideas,im doing this to help ,not make money

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