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The new List block inside of Notion brings plenty of action. In today’s feature, we create a mini-task list, a sales contact list and a mini 7-day habit tracking tool. Notion is full of useful ways to view tasks, activities, events, cards, information and images. With the list block, you can order a list without the need for clunky table columns to get in the way. Let’s explore how you could use a task list in Notion.

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Notion is one of the most popular softwares right now, bringing a customisable workspace. Like lego, Notion allows you to shape and mould each workspace with blocks.

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12 thoughts on “The best How to Create a Task List inside of Notion Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. Thanks Francesco. If i have multiple lists, one for each client, with due dates, is there a way in Notion to add them all to one common calendar? If so, is there also a way to sync this with my G Cal?

  2. Really enjoyed this. At the moment still migrating my life into Notion. Having it all in one place does make a difference. I click on other areas of my life whereas I wouldn’t with a combination of programs

  3. Francesco, what is the advantage of using a list over a table. I currently monitor my tasks in a table and seems to do pretty much the same but has headers on the list view.

    Also unrelated question. Is there a simple spreadsheet function in Notion? I am using tables for a couple of things where I feel a spreadsheet would be simpler.

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