The best How To Build A Self Driving Car (Miniature) Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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In this video, I will show you how to build a small self driving car from an RC car. It uses 4 separate ultrasonic sensors to navigate around a ring shaped track. This car was able to drive by itself for 2.5 hours without hitting a wall! Check out my other video that shows a sort of time lapse of this car driving:

Ultrasonic Sensors:
A good Soldering iron:
Arduino Nano:
Bluetooth Module:


The Cameraman’s channel:

Played and recorded by me.
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  1. dude seriously…. that is not an "extremely long" code set, nor is it even "quite long"
    Try writing tens of thousands of lines of code! Bugger me, at ten years old I pushed Sbasic so far that some programs required 3 "programs" to run because the system (sanyo MBC1000) didn't have enough ram to hold the program in memory.
    There is nothing fancy about Arduino… NOTHING, in fact most of it is pretty botched up modules written half arsed by people who couldn't be bothered coding for all the functionality of the "shield" because they didn't require it for they're set up.

    These are Atmel uC's, sure use the "Arduino" interfaces if you must, but get away from the IDE… use Atmel studio, learn the controller's registers, write your own subroutines and modules/units/libraries whatever you want to call them. They are so much more powerful than the janky software that's generally written for them.

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