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In this speech, Glenn Greenwald reveals his experience with Edward Snowden and Laura Poitras in 2013 at Hong Kong before they revealed the highly classified NSA documents to the public. Greenwald also talks about the history of activism and pays tribue to personalities such as Rosa Park, Hans and Sophie Scholl. Other topics that he surfaces in-depth include the reaction of the US government to these revelations, signficance of Edward Snowden’s courage & the challenges that we face in the future.

BIO: Glenn Edward Greenwald is an American lawyer, journalist and author. In June 2013 Greenwald became widely known after The Guardian published the first of a series of reports detailing United States and British global surveillance programs, based on classified documents disclosed by Edward Snowden. The series on which Greenwald worked along with others won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

His reporting on the National Security Agency (NSA) won numerous other awards around the world, including top investigative journalism prizes from the George Polk Award for National Security Reporting,the 2013 Online Journalism Awards, the Esso Award for Excellence in Reporting in Brazil for his articles in O Globo on NSA mass surveillance of Brazilians (becoming the first foreigner to win the award), the 2013 Libertad de Expresion Internacional award from Argentinian magazine Perfil, and the 2013 Pioneer Award from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

His work on the NSA files was in part the subject of the film Citizenfour, which won the 2014 Academy Award for Best Documentary. Greenwald appeared onstage at the Oscar ceremony with the film’s director, Laura Poitras, as she accepted the award.
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  1. Call me stupid, but I think… Snowden, Glenn Greenwald,Laura poitras, Manning and Assange are, Mahatma Ghandi class people in terms of selflessness and sacrifice. Some may think this is an exaggeration, but these people have risked everything to give the public the truth. Compared to the British Empire back then, the US establishment is hundreds of times far more powerful.  Doing something like this against the most powerful establishment in the history of the planet needs…a lot …. 

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