The best Diary of a Person of Interest – by Kiwi journalist & FBI target Suzie Dawson @Suzi3D Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes

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Kiwi journalist and activist Suzie Dawson has been extensively targeted by Western intelligence agencies and their contractors. In the wake of several attempts on her life, she had to leave New Zealand to live in exile in Europe. In this unique documentary, Suzie discusses what it is really like to be a target of the Five Eyes; why she was targeted, who she was targeted by, how they targeted her, what their end game is and how to try to counter it.

UPDATE: Since making this documentary Suzie has become the first New Zealand journalist to apply for asylum in Russia. Further details here:

Press release re asylum:

There is a Tumblr account collating information about Suzie’s situation:

Suzie’s original article titled ‘Diary of a Person of Interest’ can be found here:

Her debrief and speech notes from her 2015 talk of the same name can be read here:

The extent of the havoc wreaked by American political interests in New Zealand (particularly since 2008) is best explained by Suzie’s colossal article “The Desecration of New Zealand” which can be read here:

Suzie says: “Hey guys, thank you for watching and sharing my first film. The events depicted in it roughly cover the period October 2011 to January 2015. Some may find the topics discussed here terrifying – but it is reality in this day and age and to change it we have to face it. There is a lot more yet to be revealed about my story, what I did and what has happened to me since becoming exiled. So you can expect more content from me and soon. If you want to reach out, or to walk with me on my journey you can follow me on Twitter: @Suzi3D or keep an eye on my website: The more friendly eyes I have on me, the safer I am and the better chance I have to be able to continue my work. Please, pass this video on to anyone who you think may be a target, as the information presented here can be the difference between sanity and a breakdown, to someone going through it. Thank you so much for your support. Love, Suzie”

Viewing Guide:

Intro: 00:00:00
Part 1: Occupy 00:00:43
– Our Purpose 00:02:25
Part 2: Why You? 00:05:27
– Occupy 00:05:58
– Anonymous 00:06:31
– Kim Dotcom 00:07:06
– Internet Party 00:08:19
– GCSB 00:08:55
– FVEY 00:09:28
– Shihad 00:09:51
– Snowden/Greenwald 00:10:42
– Moment of Truth (#MoT) 00:10:56
– The Intercept/Nicky Hager/NSA 00:15:00
– #TPPANoWay 00:15:41
– #NZ4Gaza 00:16:!5
– #SaveGI 00:16:48
– Exile / Berlin 00:17:12
– WikiLeaks 00:17:42
Part 3: Who Does It? 00:18:42
– State Agencies 00:19:04
– Private Agencies 00:21:37
Part 4: The Targets 00:24:04
Part 5: How? 00:26:43
– Physical Surveillance 00:27:57
– Signals Surveillance 00:29:53
– Public Surveillance 00:31:39
– Harassment 00:35:03
– Isolation 00:43:53
– Sabotage 00:47:56
– Entrapment 00:51:11
– Social Engineering 00:51:57
– Institutionalisation 00:55:09
– Assassination Attempts 00:58:25
Part 6: What Do They Want? 01:01:18
– What You Learn To Do 01:02:53
Credits: 01:04:26

Music by: Redline
YouTube: RedlineBand

Please help to raise awareness about Suzie’s situation and the wider issues addressed in this documentary by sharing it, embedding it and spreading the word!

Diary of a Person of Interest – by Kiwi journalist & FBI target Suzie Dawson @Suzi3D

49 thoughts on “The best Diary of a Person of Interest – by Kiwi journalist & FBI target Suzie Dawson @Suzi3D Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes

  1. I left a stupid comment a while back Suzie. I don't know what I was thinking. I deleted it. I see what they are admitting in NZ now and I feel so bad for what you have been through. I hope the exposure goes on and you get compensated for your persecution.

  2. Hi Suzie, targeted individual in Ireland for about 5 years – although I prefer the description person they need to target. I mainly get harassed by helicopters (see my videos but pardon my language) – electronic torture and constant surveillance. I haven't listened to your entire video yet as I've just come across it but I obviously will. Thank you for your courage.


  4. hello Suzie can i just say your music is brilliant except its far too loud for some Autistic people can that possibly be amendid because i appreciate your talks they are full of helpfull advice

  5. So you are SAYING big gov spy agencies tried to take your life or physically harm you? Gee you must be special considering they execute people all the time. You didn't state how they tried. You did say they entrapped you. That means they have SOMETHING on you, and you need to FLIP or be prosecuted. And they let you flee RIGHT. Then you introduce CHRISTINE ASSANGE to SOCIAL MEDIA (who noone has SEEN only HEARD, could be anyone) through WIKILEAKS who were compromised in 2016. Me thinks this story is a bit far fetched unless you are a ninja

  6. ANONYMOUS is a GROUP of individuals who have no set leader, policy. It wouldn't have any ABC Agents posing as anonymous. They have infiltrated EVERYTHING. Funny how you go to RUSSIA where CIA asset posing as whistle-blower SNOWDEN is

  7. There's too many "Kardashians of Thrones" watching Zombies. We're surrounded by them & with no place for prays – except in the privacy of our own involuntary surveillance. God I hope you're reading this

  8. ive been threatened about i dont know how many times on my life Suzi Dawson does this mean
    im not going to be at risk because its been that long or does it mean im going to die an awfull death please delete

  9. SUZI , im in chch and i was present at a office when a sitting nz mp came to visit …the boss told me its only $100k to buy a nz mp (thye got the gov contract after that ) …. they stole $147 k from my pay and broke me and my family … tweeted labour and crickets .. all crooks

  10. It was a bit of an eye opener to listen to you.. I was ticking many of the points you raised. I had to leave the UK and move to Ireland in 2014. One point to note, In the UK they go for your finances and support networks with ouvert surveillance and phone calls to employers. I did have a couple of back to back incidents with a Volvo estate whilst on my motorbike but I feel it was more to act as a warning than to kill me outright.. The home office has so many powers with the Fusion doctrine that they can really screw with you without even breaking into your house.. Maybe because i was working in mental health they thought that wouldnt work on me? I put a couple of videos up recently outlining the campaign against my colleague and friend Prof Chris Busby and they are using all the gov. and local departments to target him. Stasi paradise..
    As a side note they made 60,000 pounds sterling disappear from Chris!s account when he was going to give me a bit of money to move to Ireland but after talking with the sender and reciver of the money (bank and solicitor) they money amazingly reappeared.. Yes you heard that right , they took the money and it was impossible to trace where it went.. They did it a few days before i was going to move and they wanted to stop me getting any funding (which has been a constant tactic over the years.) ..
    I now work for cash which i do declare but it is hard for the authorities to stop (unlike when i worked for the Daily mail etc) .. nice to get that off my chest πŸ™‚ I also "came out" from being anon after the targeting got a lot worse in 2012 and i did a video or three about that as well.. Thanks for sharing and I hope your new home in germany is suiting you and the family well.. just to note, even for its weaknesses, Ireland was a good bolt hole for me.. Namaste

  11. they hire your own family .. sisters dating rich guy ,, use it to smash us stuck at home .. they get crazy family high jobs .. they phsyco like them .. create you to be jealous by non stop abuse and suppression .

  12. you think portugal and south america be safe ? can't really have vehicles and tech if your targeted .. a fbi case . i may use it and sue . try to .. nobody w taste tough you or they get stalked/ child ring .kidnaping inside cia and such .. fucked .. haha .

  13. This makes New Zealand sound terrible, but can it beat Canada, where the House of Commons can arbitrarily cancel degrees earned by Canadian-born citizens at major Canadian universities, attempt to deny pension benefits, suppress government records, etc.? Note that the source of these abuses is the body primarily charged with formulating and promulgating the law!

  14. Good first film Suzie, I will be done my first film in the next couple weeks and I am excited about posting it. I do have a few rather important questions for you though, first and foremost do you have an updated film of your story? I am very curious as to hear of what has been going on the last couple years of your life and how this year has been for you etc. I currently live in Canada, and the shit that goes on here is much worse than what you have described. Regardless, really interested in an update on your story!

  15. True!!!!!!……………………………………..Been there and still. Even had mail held did not know till recent this year. Had found a man in bright yellow vest no ID, no Gas Co. van truck anywhere, he came in my back fenced area, and had some lg item like sledge hammer about to hit my gas line, but I called him out, demanded to know who he was he suddenly murmmer he worked with through a Subcontract Co. checking on my reported Gas leak. I asked him what gas leak? I did call the gas co, which they were very vague then started walking out, I wnt to front of my home outside, calling my neighbor which she kept saying call the police. In front of he disappeared like vanished, found him no where, nor did I see any truck van or see where he went. Very Strange.

  16. Hi Suzie. I agree with you about how they do it first with the collaboration of the law(hedging their bets i reckon) until the authorities have to make it legal. However. I belive your theory on electronic surveilance is not correct you wont find a gps tracker on yoir car and they probably havent remotely accessed your internet. Jews are long practiced in footpading and spying. Most of this is old tricks and people power. All done without leaving evidence. Would you like to know what ive observed? Or not.

  17. I think you need to use technology to fight back. If you think you're being filmed already, put cameras around your house, activated for motion capture so they don't run out of storage space, film them entering house etc. I've started using recording devices most of the time. When I was in a hotel, I recorded perps (undercover agents), who were their for me. They got gobby, as they started drinking more. Listen to this recording. They say "And then she was raped, for going on Google [sick laugh]". They're talking about a woman TI – They use V2K and obviously told her, if she used the Internet, she'd be raped. They are women agents – who are obviously as sick as the male agents. Recording here =

  18. This has been happening to me for a very long time. I started investigating why my life had been turned upside down, and they started really coming after me. I am now fighting for my freedom in a legal case. I have been set up because of videos I've made calling them out. I don't have much longer. They new I would protect myself from a hit, so they found a way to take my firearms, and now possibly imprisonment. I am a father also. They are trying to take that away from me as well. I can't do this on my own any longer. I need help please.

  19. At the exact same time I was about to sit down and prepare to start up a new organization then already registered with the aim to work for the Norwegian people's constitutional rights to a healthy environment and future generations rights to a sustainable nature I was suddenly surrounded by people harassing and threatening me everywhere. The "gang stalking" or organized harassment was initiated with a man standing outside my house shouting he wanted to shoot me the exact same day I at last should have had the time to finally sit down and focus on preparing to start up the organization…

  20. Events & challenges we face transform us in unpredictable ways. Over a year since you published this and you have accomplished so much in such short time. I am honored to share paths with one of character, integrity, and empathy.

    Sometimes people come into your life for a moment, a day, or a lifetime. It matters not the time they spent with you but how they impacted your life in that time – Author Unknown

  21. ok.. i'm an American and of course we know Republicans are NO better than Democrats. But you can't imagine my frustration when at least here in our country the ppl who championed the treasonous Obama admin not once but TWICE despite the years of warnings by many conservatives that Obama was actively trampling our constitution, using our intelligence weapons against us and the left called us crazy! racist! DUMB! i understand Suzie did not vote for Obama and it's not Obamas fault alone, Obama was the most single destructive, treasonous, terroristic Criminal to ever be elected to anything besides the Clinton crime syndicate. Some of you still champion obama and supported Hillary and still do. Understand what America would be looking like under that felon Hillary Clinton and come to terms with why Middle America decided to step in and say enough! trump isn't perfect but he's our only hope. He's operating with almost complete opposition from the deep state and the most wealthy. He's doing the best he can to fix this mess libtards and elitists created!

  22. I am one of the in America. 24.7 stalking and direct energy weapons attacks and even my 74 year old mother and rest the of the family. Helicopters and drones surround the home and follow the car when I leave the home. It is like they are electronically attached to the car. Then they break into the home when I leave. Burns, bruises, stolen wealth, property damage and more. USA military is behind it all.

  23. I assume you mean well, but if you still buy into puppets like Glenn Greenwald and Keith Olberman you are far from awake. The left is more dangerous than the right ever thought to be. The Bilderberg boys are laughing at how easy it is to poise two groups against each other. Don't buy into the hype. Opposing the TPP is spot on, but opposing capitalism is just what they want you to do.

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