The best CCD S820 Key chain Camera with Motion Detection and Night Vision (SE-CAM-GC-82543) Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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My CCD S820 Key chain Camera with Motion Detection and Night Vision Product Review. This is great for secretly filming, whether on your key chain or sitting somewhere using the motion detection. You can put in a dark room and leave it and will only film when it senses motion (even in the dark). I had alot of fun playing with this thing!
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38 thoughts on “The best CCD S820 Key chain Camera with Motion Detection and Night Vision (SE-CAM-GC-82543) Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. I'm very disappointed with it. You can't turn off the time/date stamp. Video is grainy. My old one is better, and it cost $10. Not interested in night vision.

    By the way, mine works fine with a 32gb sd micro card.

  2. I use VLC if the video is longer then 30 second it will not play the rest. Is your videos that you use with VLC longer then 1 minute if so what am I doing wrong. I try to convert them to mp4 files with vlc it to only work with small videos please help..

  3. Great video, very informative, please help, drivers don't seem to be on the cd enclosed with the camera and can't find online anywhere. Also my computer doesn't recognise the devise, is this because of not having a driver. Hope you can help, thankyou.

  4. hey i bought this thing and got it home , and its stuck on right now, red light wont shut off, i press every button and it doesnt do anything. and the reset button doesnt do anything, and i paid $250 canadian for this thing. did i get ripped off, ?? and also i plug the thing into my computer, and it wont even read the card, that came with it, it makes the sound that its connected, the computer makes the sound, but nothing shows up??!?! what do i do??

  5. The first videos and pictures work well and I can watch then on my computer, but the most of time, the follow videos I recordered doesn't work. The archives have the same structure. The card has space enought. But I don't know wht's goin on

  6. I'm afraid I can't get this to work either. I plugged into my Windows 10 computer and it does not recognize. I can't find legitimate drivers for this camers (none seem to pass Norton). What do I do?

  7. when motion detection is activated will it go off when there is no motion and come back on multiple times during the day ? when people enter and exit the vehicle ? or does it come on 1 time and stay on or not come one but one time unless you manually reset it ? and record time ? also how does it do in the heat. thanks

  8. Sorry to keep bothering you but I'm a lil confused on some points. Ok now I get how to record video, but how do I stop recording? Hitting the same button seems logical but don't seem to work. And I was told that I might have to hit the power button to stop recording, but I think it shuts it off when I do! This little thing looks soooo simple, but it's pretty confusing when the lights blink one to a few times and turn different colors. I can't figure out what does what. Maybe it's just me, Lol and sorry again!

  9. When you first plug it in to charge, does the light come on and then blink twice and go off. And also do you have to hold down the power button to turn it on? My light comes on when I turn the power button, then it goes out.

  10. Now the one in that Amazon link you sent me, is that the same brand? It doesn't say the brand name, it just says 1920. I'm just kinda reluctant because I've already bought some crappy imposter cams that weren't what they claimed to be. I want the same one that you have in this video. Thanks, and great vid:)

  11. I don't know what brands they're trying to pass off, but when you look at some of the pictures, they show it with a CCD box and CCD directions! I've messaged a few people just to make sure that's what I was getting and they all told me they were not CCD, but a generic brand. Sounds like false advertising to me! I got suckered into buying an 808 series keychain camera the same way. Description and pictures said 808, but the one they sent me was garbage. So I emailed them to tell them about it, and they sent me another garbage one. I'm really careful about eBay. I make sure to message them first to make sure the product matches the description! Thanks for the info:)

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