The best BenQ XL2411Z v2+ Advanced Settings Guide (Maximum Gaming Performance) Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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Blur reduction utility is an approved BenQ third party tool.

1502vt TWEAK CAUSING BLACK SCREEN? Run the blur busters strobe utility once and that should fix it (you can change settings later).

Extra things to note, turning instant mode off using the 1502vt tweak will cause the screen to go crazy, so if for some reason you want instant mode off, do the 1350vt tweak instead.

If using an AMD card + Toasty CRU and you’re not noticing increased brightness, try following this

Feel free to ask questions down below, or say if I’ve missed anything.

Meizong – Colossus
Meizong – Megaforce (OurAutobiography Remix)
Meizong – Infinite Dimension [House]

Information Sources – 1502VT Tweak – Blur Busters Strobe Utility and extra info – ICC Profiles (BenQ XL2720Z, previous link expired, this ICC profile is still good, you can always click the “Advanced” tab when selecting ICC profile and then hit “Calibrate Display” then any changes you make there will create a new custom ICC profile, but the XL2720z ICC profile is a good starting point for colour and gamma) ToastyX Custom res tool
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50 thoughts on “The best BenQ XL2411Z v2+ Advanced Settings Guide (Maximum Gaming Performance) Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. hm when I change my coloursettings on monitor to standart and edit them the way you have them my monitor is supere freaking dark, even with brigthness 100, idk what im doing wrong 😮

    nvm didnt do the custom resulution part willt ry now 😀

  2. Hello I am poor and I do not have the means to buy me a computer monitor Benq XL2720Z 2 with the firmware 2 my monitor is limited to 60hz but I would like to test the LightBoost for 60Hz with an EDID override the problem is that I can not find an edid with firmware 2 can you please send me a EDID using the software monitor aset manager to create an inf.file so that I can make believe that I have a BENQ XL2720Z 2 with the firmware 2 to the software Blur Busters Utility Strob send this here if you can or send the file to my email adress thank for your help :/ i very need this file for override my monitor with the device manager

  3. I have used this guide before (5-6 months ago). Some days ago i factory reset my pc, discarding all of the nvidia settings. I was able to go through this guide (only worked if my screen was "generic pnp monitor"???) but now when i try to do it, it just black screens. I know that you have to run blur buster b4 setting custom res, but i have done that, and blur buster works fine blir benq blur red, but when i set custom res it gives black screen. Any possible fix?

  4. the custom resolution at 120hz was mind blowing ! its so bright now!
    but, i checked the testufo and now i have very heavy crosstalk. and when i reduce the brightness in strobe utility to delete the crosstalk, its very dark again :/

    for a short moment i was very happy

  5. Great Video. You should make a Video how to remove all the changes you did. Like how to get the normal Windows ICC-Profile back. And how to remove the BlurBusters changes and set the monitor back to default.
    Because I guess many people want to try your changes, but if they don't like it they want to know how to remove everything properly without re-install windows.
    For me, it's logical just do all the steps in reverse. Delete the downloaded ICC-Profile and so on.
    But I would recomment you to make a Video "How to remove my changes" too. One more Video which generates clicks 🙂
    You can link it here in this video too. So many people will try your changes because "no risk" 😉

    You could call the video: "Set Windows Color Calibration to Default", or something similar.
    The video could held general. Means just show how to deinstall all custom ICC-Profiles and all changes people could have done on accident. So that the Monitor (Windows) Settings are back on Default.
    Every Monitor have a "back to default" function. So that's not possible to show (because everyone have a other monitor type). And in addition you could show how to remove the BlurBuster changes / set BenQ to Default.
    1. Windows Default
    2. (optional) BenQ back to Default

    I'm sure many people played around with the windows calibration and stuff.
    Any many don't know the default values anymore. So they need to re-install windows.
    A tutorial "How to set everything back on default" for monitor settings in Windows would help many people out there 🙂

  6. Great setup and everything looks great. But I´ve got an problem with som flicker on the screens (Have a Samsung as a second screen). It´s random when it flickers…any tips or idea what to do?

  7. Im using the XL2411z and when I use the exact same settings in the custom resolution my monitor get a black screen and in the right bottom it says Out of range. Also Blur Busters crashed as I started it. HELP

  8. 1502 vs 1350?

    and what does this ticks do?

    with the blur reduction on, my monitor goes so dim… there anyway to get max brightness with 120hz1502vt blur on ?

    any 100% vibrance just feels like i took whole bag of drug. for myself i use 53% vibriance… RGB is 95 91 100..and blue light 0… I do a lot of photo editing, even it is a TN panel. still trying to make white look like while..(i don't like yellowish white, all this setting is personal preference)

  9. Yo, I've got a little problem.
    I've got the same monitor (benq xl2411z) and I wanna change the display mode to 22", problem is its grayed out.
    Any idea how I can fix this ? Its only grayed out in 144hz but works at 120hz, am using the original DVI-D that came with my monitor.

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