The best Bad Furnace! Exhaust Flue Draft Pressure Testing Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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Corbett demonstrates draft testing and solving a problematic forced air furnace flue. Shot at the home of a happy client of Chicago Home Performance, a division of Green Dream Group.
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21 thoughts on “The best Bad Furnace! Exhaust Flue Draft Pressure Testing Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. Shut that system down, its illegally installed. A giant liability to every technician who touches it. GIANT LIABILITY! A DEATH TRAP with CO spilling into the basement,, The system was never inspected. The state of Mass. has the toughest codes ever for good reasons, these kinds of installs. Dangerous is an understatement. Deadly Install. in mass. we have to notify home owner. call gas inspector, they will Lawfully go after the installer,  The gas company if natural gas, needs to lock out the gas meter till fixed.. This repairman, the minute he seen this install as it is, should have the home owner in this video explaining why its being shut down, to other installers, take a hammer drill, drill a circle of holes, enlarge the chimney opening, duct properly, insert clay thimble, round if possible, size accordingly, always bigger, never restrict flue gasses, use Portland cement at clay brick chimney, stucco around repairs, use up left over cement., learn to be better installers, your career is over when you kill someone from CO poisoning,    good luck Warren

  2. man i like your vest you got some fancy badges on there . I wish i had the time and money to pay all those outside agencies off to get my badges im to busy installing oversized equipment to take a week off and get my badges .

  3. What a foolish reply: you dont seem to realise that that vent cannot give any kind of useful reading – so much for your reference to science.
    I understand perfectly well how gas installations work.. That vent is creating a dangerous condition esp. as it goes into the masonry chimney which, by the way, is also a non-code entry into the chimney!
    Your reply is essentially an attempt to cover up your ignorance and lack of practical experience.
    Try telling an on-site Plumbing Inspector about your theories?

  4. My point is that its obviously useless doing any testing with such venting in situ.
    You never mentioned the non code venting in your vid?
    Neither did you mention the lack of vent pipe supporting straps?

    You dont know where what "idea came from"?

  5. Thanks so much for your answer. If the BPI expert determines that is a boiler malfunction or a malfunction installation.. Does his report will be enough to get the boiler replaced? Weill Macklein asked me for a plumber report.

  6. Small plumbing company installed in my house a brand new Weil Mcklein Boiler 6 months ago. Flu Pipe Test is positive to CO2 8 times out 10 that is tested. Installers don't want to take any responsibility because they claim that it could be the water heater or the chimney. I never had this problem with the old boiler and it was the same chimney and same water heater. Other Plumbers agreed to come, check and give me a report but they would shut off my services if the test is positive and I know it will. Those who did tests before don't want to me reports. In 5 more months my guarantee with boiler distributors and with bad installers will be expired. Please help me out. I am woman alone with a house to take care and I am devastated with this situation.

  7. Note to homeowners: That vent connector is part of that Trane furnace – shipped with the unit. (It's an older model) It has a built in spill switch (see that small flex conduit connecting the vent adapter and furnace?) that protects the home from drafting problems. 80% furnaces are not forced draft. The inducer is only to overcome the HX. Gravity draws the products of combustion out of the vent. That vent adapter is allowing dilution air to mix into the flue gasses and prevents excessive draft from pulling too hard thru the HX. This increases efficiency. In fact, you do not want that draft to be "as high as possible". You risk drawing flames further into HX than intended by mfg.

    The problem is the restriction of the vent, which is against code to decrease a vent size in the direction of flow. Also, there may be a problem with the chimney… bird nest, leaves, collapsing liner, etc. Regardless, that vent adapter is not the problem, it's a factory part designed to work with that furnace, there is safety built into it that shuts the furnace down if not venting (that may have been wired out in this video), and if the rest of the vent is performing as it should, you'll not have any products of combustion coming out of that opening.

  8. Hey, Dig the videos, Very helpful. Say im exhausting 800cfm inline fan going from a fume hood to outside, and this is all being done right next to the water heater/furnace in a laundry room and been kind of getting a numbness in the nose n ear with a bit of confusion. is there a good chance its coming from the furnace/water heater even without the furnace running? Im almost possitive the hood im using meets the fume hood requirments of removing 2000-3000fpm at hood face thru a 6inch duct to 8inch at fan.

  9. I'm having a problem with our oil furnace in the basement.  When it runs we are smelling an exhaust odor on the first floor right above where the furnace it, it's a strong smell of a car exhaust-like odor concentrated in one corner of the room, the smell takes about 15 min to dissipate after the furnace shuts off.  This started about 3 days ago.  I don't have the money for a repairman & I'm concerned about CO2 in the house, we have the windows open & the place is ventilated but is there any way to know what can cause this & is it an easy fix?  Also when the furnace turns on there is a thump that we hear in the basement, I sometimes hear this thump while the furnace is running at times it happens twice while it runs, the thump has been going on for a while but I'm wondering if it's related to this new odor problem.

  10. I have a problem where my furnace will turn on and blow warm air for a minute or two, then blow cold for the rest of the cycle and it will do this about four or five times before turning off and not turn back on. It only turns back on when i turn the thermostat off and then back on, , could this be from that pipe being clogged?

  11. This is exactly how the force draft is set up on my furnace. "Atmospheric draft".  The guy who installed it claimed that no fumes would escape. Can you suggest where I might get the proper enclosure. The unit is a trane xr80. Thanks for posting this video.

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