The best Apple Mac Pro GPU Upgrade Guide | Which Graphics Card? Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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In this review of the graphics options for your classic Mac Pro, explaining the reasons why the RX 580 is the best card to get as well as showing you how to install the card, how it performs and how to use it alongside an original Mac compatible graphics card by using power from your SATA ports.

RX 580:
Mini 6-pin Male to 6-pin Male:
Dual 6-pin Female to 8-pin Male:
Dual 6-pin to 8-pin (eBay):
SATA to 6-pin:
Mac Pro:

How to reset PRAM to boot back into macOS:
How to install Windows 10:

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In this guide I use two mini 6 pin to 6 pin adapters and a dual 6-pin to 8-pin adapter.

If you’d like to use your Mac compatible graphics card alongside your RX 580 for boot loader support, you can always use power from a SATA port from the hard drive bays convert that into a 6 pin with a SATA to 6 pin adapter.

Mini-6 pin typically get you 75W each and the PCI slot gets you 75W, so the maximum power GPU you can get should be 225W. However, on the forums people say that Apple actually allow up to 150W per mini-6 pin port which gives you a maximum draw of 375W. However, other people on the forums say that yes it can draw more but if you draw more you’re more likely to damage some of the components.


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47 thoughts on “The best Apple Mac Pro GPU Upgrade Guide | Which Graphics Card? Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. Do you know if Anyone has found a way to use any decent 4-8gb Card for 4k video editing and still be able to use 10.11.6? Really trying to avoid having to switch to HS.

  2. Mate, I have one question for you, when I get to replace the video card on my Mac Pro 2012 with a XFX 580 video card which I bought brand new ; would I be able to switch from El Capitan to Mojave’ or do I have get high Sierra first.?

  3. I feel that this model 5.1 is just crap, more or less. Everything is far too old, logic board around 10 years, I should guess. I have both GTX680 and 970 and none of them work correctly. The GTX970 is unusable in Mojave because there is no new driver. GTX680 gives high spinning fans and a message with need of upgrade of CUDA. I have lost several thousands in cash buying these cards and now one of them is useless. Buy a new Mac? I don’t have the money. I thought the computers should get cheaper and cheaper further on but not Mac, they become more and more expensive every year. And now it’s extreme. The next computer have to be an PC…

  4. Great video! I followed all of your steps and everything appears to be working as expected on my Mid 2010 Dual CPU machine. I'm not familiar with these video cards but noted the following behavior and am interested to see if you're encountering the same. When I start the machine, I see the Sapphire blue light on the card lit up and the fans spinning. However, after the Apple login screen appears, the video card's fans stop spinning. I logged in and ran GeekBench GPU tests a few times and the fans didn't kick in at all. I read that the fans are supposed to kick in when the card reaches a temperature of 60 celsius. Is this correct? Do you experience the same behavior? Thanks again for the good quality informative video!!

  5. I have a mid 2012 Mac Pro 5,1 3.33 ghz 6 core processor with 48 gbs of RAM running High Sierra 10.13.6. For some reason I cant get the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1060 graphics card to work on it. I install NVIDIA drivers but i cant seem to get any sort of image from the card to my monitor. Any Suggestions?

  6. Hi, I've a problem with my Aorus 1080ti on MacPro 5.1 (I've connected All the calbles correctly with 2mini 6 pin on the logicBoard and 2 sata port ) then I can't see anything..always only black screen.. how I can set all for make It works? Thank you

  7. Great guide! I immediately bought the Sapphire Radeon RX 580 Nitro+ – 8GB GDDR5 together with an external power-supply the Corsair VS550 v2 80 Plus White certified, for my 2010 5,1 Mac Pro – Thanks! The idea with the external power was to protect the motherboard from being UNderpowered and suddenly shut down the computer on me. The Corsair comes with two 6+2 pci-e power cables so I connected one 8pin and second 6-pin (6+2pin) power cable to the GPU and to my surprise the gpu did NOT come on… I suspect the Corsair need a signal from the motherboard to actually turn ON and feed the GPU power?… As with many others i had trouble finding the dual 6-pin to one 8-pin cable so as of now the GPU runs on one 6-to-8-pin and one mini-6-pin to 6-pin… i know this is not recommended – but it boots up the GPU and turns on the display. A working solution for tomorrow should be to have only the ONE fully powered 8-pin connector from the Corsair attached to the GPU's 8-pin plug as this will give the proper amount of 150 wattage and then for the second GPU plug i will put in the mini-6-pin from the motherboard to be able to get the signal to turn on the GPU when the computer boots up. Please, does this sound right to you? This would give a total amount of wattage of 150+75+75=300W! I know of an other trick with a paper-clip attached to lease the Corsair constantly on but the first solution sounds better 🙂

  8. Hey there I just installed the Sapphire Radeon RX580 Nitro+ OC 8GB on my 3,1 2008 MacPro 8 Core running high Sierra after seeing your video and snapping one up second hand on ebay. Thanks for the cable advice, I received the dual 6 pin to 8 pin from an ebay store. Its showing up and its all running. It feels like the driver isn't quite right yet as the screens have a wave from time to time. Could be that that I flashed it for my Nvidia GTX650 2gb when I updated the system to high sierra the other week. Might have to undo that flash. Will check to see if Davinci see's the card tonight.

  9. HD 7950 is the best Mac Pro card. It can be flashed for boot screen, draws proper power and is compatible with Lion all the way to High Sierra. I've even seen it work with Snow Leopard. Trust me, a flashed 7950 is what you want.
    IMO… if you really want to use an RX, I would use two 560s/570s as you can find the 8gb variant that use only 6pin power. Final Cut and Davinci Resolve can use two cards. This setup gives you way more display options as well.

  10. 1080 run fine on the Mac Pro 4,1 and 5,1. With the1080 you need to use a Dual mini 6pin to single 8 pin cable because the single mini 6 pin to 8 pin works but if it's under any stress it will power cycle the Mac Pro. I have tried the SATA port power drawing and it went on fire wish that was a joke really don't recommend it.

  11. I can't believe I forgot to comment before about this video. It's a good video showing what will happen when using an RX580. I am currently using an RX560 and it does the job. But, I would like to get one of these instead and stick to one card. Thank you for showing us the gains from this one card.

  12. Was wondering would you happen to know if I could have a 3 monitor setup with its GPU? I have the Sapphire HD 7950 buy I can only get two displays to work. TIA!

  13. Just curious, whats the benefit of running the old GPU card? I want to upgrade to this card but I won't be playing games on it. I'm using mine for After effects and premiere and other Adobe products. Basically a media design computer.

  14. Hey man! Love your channel, and I have subscribed 🙂 Question! Do you know how much power I would need in order to hook up a AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 11G to a Mac Pro 5,1 ? Do you know if this is even possible or not? Thank you man!

  15. I currently have a Mac Pro 2009 and I upgraded it to a AMD Radeon RX 560 and now I cannot boot up to mac os x, and only to windows. I need help! Please, I really need to use mac os x and there is no apple logo on bootup and no menu. Please help!

  16. For anyone running macOS 10.14 Mojave, beware that there are no drivers (yet) for Nvidia cards.. Via workarounds you can get a screen, but you won't get hardware acceleration. It is unclear if Nvidia is going to release drivers for Mojave.

  17. I’m only seeing the ‘one’ dvi monitor output on the card. I have two Phillips monitors (both dvi), so how would I run both my monitors with this card?
    Also, and more importantly, is it a “Metal” card that can run Apple OS Mojave?

  18. What is the point in buying an AMD card for your Mac Pro. If you ever want to do premier Pro rendering you can't use the GPU to render because only Nvidia cards feature CUDA

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