The best ‘Any govt that uses US military software is vulnerable’ – frmr MI5 officer on German missile ‘hack’ Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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The German Patriot air and missile defense systems, stationed at the Turkish border with Syria, have carried out “unexplained” commands allegedly issued by unknown hackers, according to a German media report since rebutted by the government – READ MORE


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44 thoughts on “The best ‘Any govt that uses US military software is vulnerable’ – frmr MI5 officer on German missile ‘hack’ Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. they'll (usa) take take over electronic control & turn it on every countries government who has them, effectivly holding all governments who purchase these military hardware from the usa will eventually be held @ gunpoint, literally! Does the movie Terminator come to mind? opps! didn't mean to say that.

  2. so Britain's nuclear arsenal can only be launched when permission from the usa is first granted? even if the defense of Britain is depending on the fast launch of these weapons? n i guess if america's defense was on the line Britain would be obliged to launch them weapons In the defense of the usa then How British are Britain's nuclear deterrent? Is Britain an American bodyguard? what next

  3. There is not enough information on how serious this incident was. I mean: the last time that a SAM took down an airliner was that incident in Ukraine: which had nothing to do with hacking, but probably with a crew who thought they'd be aiming at an enemy military aircraft. So if Germany really was fearing, that a hack could trigger a SAM launch, they'd probably turn these Patriot systems off until they get the next software update. Aside from that: the decision to replace these Patriot systems with the new "MEADS"-systems in the next decade was taken a few weeks ago… – so if someone wanted to influence this decision, they'd be a little late to the game…

  4. It's like russians are forgetting their army is "modernizing" LOL !!! Any idea what that entails ???? it means combining advanced electronics with all your mechanized vehicles air and ground…..

  5. This hacking could be done by Turkey Government. Turkey is looking for a plan to attack Syria and start a war with Syria. Turkey is trying to see if they can hack and attack Syria by American missiles under german army control and start a war with Syria. After a war is started Turkey would disclose the starting attack as a mistake or a job of Hackers.
    New Turkey leaders will do anything to establish a new Ottoman empire.
    Few years ago Turkey was planning to send four of Turkey's army personnel to Syria to attack Turkey borders from inside Syria, then, Turkey would attack Syria and blame the start of the war on Syrian Army.

  6. Hilarious, of course the Americans spy on everyone.  They learned their lesson on December 7, 1941 to be wary of everyone.  Todays friends especially in Europe have a tendency to provide unfriendly powers with technology, especially if the Euros are flowing.  Do they have back doors into weapons systems sold overseas?  Of course, they would be foolish not to.  Back in the mid-1980s, the Japanese company Toshiba sold propeller milling machinery to the Soviets through the Norwegian Kongsberg firm; this and other submarine intelligence furnished by the Walker spy ring resulted in significantly quieter Soviet subs by the later part of the decade. As writer Neal Stevens wrote about the Akula-class Soviet boats, "The combined results generated a steep drop in broadband acoustic noise profiles."  Todays friends are sometimes not so friendly, especially if the price is right.

  7. Hackers are rising, this is bad news for miltary and business, in tge use of computers heavily relying it,
    We need to reduce or cut off use of computers on military machines and business stop using online daily

  8. In order to meet design criteria the FBCB2 computer system was designed so that once you change the passwords from the factory setting that the passwords must be changed to something else every 90 days.  Must have capital letters numbers symbols ect.

    This would've been a major pain to change and keep track of the passwords, and if the password was forgotten or not changed in time the entire system would become useless.

    So the systems were never taken off of the factory set passwords which are found in the user manuals.  And specifically made easy to remember. 

    Not sure if they ever fixed this, but to my knowledge they did the same exact thing with a lot of classified and sensitive equipment.

  9. it can also be an excuse for the military to blame it on hackers,
    when THEY themselves put the EXPLOITS there, for REMOTELY controlling the systems their allies purchase it.

    so they can launch ALL systems simultaneously, even at their allies  military base,
    making it look like it launched from there…. thus starting another false flag, but a possible world war.

  10. i would laugh dying when i get to see AmeriKKKa launch a 1st strike nuclear attack at russia/china…. then the nuclear icbms by the 1000s starts detonating by itself at 5km above ground…  i would be rolling on the ground laughing while the mushroom cloud and shockwave comes towards me.

    and both the chinese and russians presidents televised showing them laughing their ass off so hard, they start farting left, right, and center.

  11. I would have thought anybody that develops any computerized weapons technology and then sells it to another country would have put in their own backdoors to control it. seems pretty stupid if they didn't .

  12. Interesting story But not factual.. The Software use in most military equipment is privately developed and Classified. They have few similar chaacteristics. I would name them but they are Classified. Sorry. But there are uses for Windblows software. If there is a problem it would be there.

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