The best 7 Days to Die – Find Underground Ore Easily (Alpha 16) Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2019

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In this 7 Days to Die Guide, I’ll show you an easy way to find underground ore, and possibly underground ore veins. Yes, caves are a good place, and not all gravel spots yield good results, but it is a good place to start digging.
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26 thoughts on “The best 7 Days to Die – Find Underground Ore Easily (Alpha 16) Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2019

  1. Thank you guys for all the good suggestions of topics to cover. This is a "Basic" video for people looking to find ore easily. Yes there are various different ways to find veins, and these gravel spots don't always work. But this is a great way to start.

  2. Is this also available on the xbox one version? Because for the longest time I was able to find lots of nitrate powder at the farm but ever since the update on the xbox I cannot find bitrate powder other than the boulders up top which are very hard to find

  3. I'm playing the latest pc version and up to day 71 or so. I have almost a ring around a house I've toughened up with rebar/concrete, horizontal walkway bars around the edge, an auto-shotgun defending front and back vault doors and the 4 sides of blades are powered by a separate battery bank each – all linked into the same fuel generator which helps to rebuild the battery damage. The last horde was a bit iffy, the ferals sometimes run through the ring of blades and almost constantly my building is being attacked. I've unlocked every tool, every weapon, can build almost anything, got a minibike, some decent armor, iron isn't a problem, coal is all over the place, the lead on the surface seems to be almost everywhere but very little potassium nitrate. When I've seen an odd pile in the snow, I've mined straight down – often to bedrock and I've found nothing, just the usual lots of stone, a bit of sand and soil and small amounts of iron all the way to the bottom. ( occasionally I hit a few iron patches but I mine it out in 10 seconds with my auger ). Fuel isn't a problem, it potassium nitrate. I cannot get it anywhere apart from the surface boulders and 1 in every 50 or so surface deposits. I expected it to be in the snow biome, but much like when I mine anywhere and expect to see certain ores, I have the same problem, I find nothing. No pockets, not like the previous build. I am also playing on a random gen map and there is an absolute shitload of very large lakes. A nightmare to navigate. Advice please?

  4. I just create a wood stairwell in my base that goes deep underground, then I dig out from there. This is great for your construction skills as it can be a pretty big project and it's more comfortable for you because you dont have to deal with ladders or the odd geometry of the world. Idk what madman would mine outside the safety of a base.

  5. Something TFP mentionned in a changelog is that those gravel patches lead to big ore deposits of the kind they are mixed with. If the gravel gives you potassium nitrate, their IS a deposit underneath.

  6. To put it simply.

    If you find gravel on the ground you will get stone, sand and a third ore. Whatever that third ore is means if you dig straight down you will find a vein of that ore.

    My favorite mine is located West of the cell tower and corn farm along the road into the southern hill that follows the road approximately 100 blocks away from the cell tower. The mine contains a good chunk of iron, coal and nitrate powder all in one area.

    Just follow that hill scooping gravel until you find coal then dig into the hill from the road and voila your nitrate coal and iron worries are over.

  7. capp00 i hope my comment helps you, you find ores with the map if you see some really small brown spots not clay a lot smaller, that is iron you just dig there and you find tones

  8. Ordinary rock, with a small bit of iron, is 500 'hardness'. Soft 200 gravel mixture contains sand. It is better dug with a shovel than a pick. It nearly always leads to either 400 ore blocks (nitrate, charcoal, lead) or 1000 pure iron blocks.

  9. Dig tunnels in the desert. I’m talking hit bed rock and then expand side ways. You don’t need a pick axe and a decent shovel will give you sand and stone for cement. Once your shovels hits ore, switch to pick axe. You’ll get shale, raw iron, nitrate, led, and rare metals sometimes. I play on PS4 so I don’t know what version it is. Supposedly it’s 1.18 on console.

  10. So, I don't think you have a video on it, but can you create biomes? I am playing console, and you can make different ground types, but can you Place enough of a certain biome to have it generate the things spawned in that biome? Like dogs in the burnt biome? For instance, if I were to put enough burnt ground blocks in and around my friends base on the farm, would it start spawning dogs?

  11. The game gives you raw iron whenever you mine through rock with a pickax now…its only 1 unit every couple of swings but it will do this anywhere underground and I think on surface rocks too. Finding big ore veins is still mostly luck from what I have found

  12. i like most of your videos but this one is just u digging in the ground, u didnt find any veins. just hitting the rocks that spawn on top of the world give way more resources

  13. I like your voice and the video is good 😀
    The information you are providing is not correct, you can check the wiki page for mining.
    In the time you mined that stuff, you could also mine the big rocks on the surface and get more ore and materials from them.
    They give you Iron, Lead, Nitrate Powder and stone. Those are a way better resource in early game.

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