The best 3 Simple Income Methods for Your Keywords Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes

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Keyword Research on Steroids Tutorial:

CurationSoft for Easy Content:

If you’ve already seen my “Keyword Research on Steroids” video, you may be wondering, now what? You’ve already built your list of 36,000 keywords, but how can you start making money off of them? In this video, you’ll see how to start making cash from your keyword list with 3 different strategies! Check out this in-depth tutorial of each one of these huge money-making methods, and find out how you can increase your success big time!

Your first method uses just over a dozen or so of your most profitable keywords by creating a mini site. You can find the best keywords in your list by sorting by your largest keywords first. Then take a look at the global monthly searches for each keyword to find some keywords that get searched for the most. Then, create unique articles featuring each keyword focus. Your goal is to impress Google and your users with high quality, so you should include images, videos, and readable text for the best chance of success. You can use CurationSoft, a helpful tool for creating posts, to help you with your articles. This will help you collect lots of customers for your keyword-related product!

The second strategy involves creating lots more content, but you don’t need to focus so much on quality. This one involves absolutely no SEO. First, gather around 200 long tail keywords, looking for uncompetitive keywords with high monthly searches. Then, populate a site with tons of quick articles, one for each keyword. Since these articles are interlinking from the site, they’ll be sure to rank without using backlinks. It is highly recommended, and well worth your time, to outsource your content. You’ll make money with this method by selling products related to your niche, or using AdSense revenue!

You can also find tons of success by finding the best possible pay per click keywords. This method requires testing, until you find a sales page that converts well. Don’t be discouraged if it’s not successful right away, it’s important to learn and fine tune your keywords. Look up keywords with the lowest cost per click, then test out several that you choose to send pay per click traffic to your sales page. Use an ad tracker to collect data on your selected keywords, keep the ones that work for you, and add more over time. You’ll soon be able to make much more than you’ll spend on advertising, so it’s a very worthwhile investment.

Any one of these strategies will help you skyrocket your way to online marketing success!

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3 Simple Income Methods for Your Keywords

28 thoughts on “The best 3 Simple Income Methods for Your Keywords Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes

  1. Hey. I'm considering implementing method number 2 and outsourcing a high number of articles from the Philippines but I have never done it before, do you have any advice to share on your process on outsourcing these articles and how you get the articles so cheap? And also, since Google's updates, does the method of interlinking your pages still help your site to rank without SEO and getting external backlinks etc? Cheers. 🙂

  2. dear brendan i want to start online business from blogger kindly help me to help me design a blog and i have an adsense account so first help to design blog to look like a website.

  3. Let's say I have picked 15-20 keywords for the dentistry niche – and also created a HQ Mini Site.
    What would the domain then be? What would rank good? Something like or what? This kinda confuses me.

    By the way, thanks for your videos – they're really helpful!

    EDIT: and what is the theme that you used for the dentist site called? I like it, it's pretty simple.

  4. Wow! Time to get my keyword list done so I can get to work on this! All your methods are amazing! Watching all these methods of yours really are teaching me a lot! It is VERY helpful! Thank you for all these amazing videos! 🙂

  5. Hello Brendan, thanks for another of your top-drawer videos, jam packed with ideas and workable information, presented in such a way that newbies like me can follow what's going on. A question I have regarding going with the 2nd strategy type:  I notice you've only monetized with Google Ads, but would you recommend either using appropriate, related product advertisements through your Amazon Affiliate or even throwing on another appropriate, related affiliate offer, IF you intended to keep the site? In other words, no intent of Flipping it? When I viewed your site it had Google ads for UPC Codes!

  6. Loving the 2nd method. I have found an excellent writer on Fiverr who supplies 10 x 500 word articles for $5 and they are great. Going to give it a try. Thanks for explaining . Love your channel.

  7. In response to Tech Honey (YouTube is missing the "reply" button)

    To answer your questions… The site has 250+ pages of content. To get 500+ visitors per day, I only need an average of 2 visitors/day for each page. Take a look at the Adwords Keyword Planner tool for the dentistry niche. The CPC's are often $3+… So yes, I usually don't rank for my keywords (for these kind of sites). However, I'm still able to make a decent amount due to the massive number of articles. 250 drops of water can be enough to fill a small glass. The same thing goes with a large content based site. These sites are not going to make you rich by themselves. But they can quite easily make $100-200+, if you pick the right niche and the right keywords.

  8. Hi Brendan, 

     While I was watching this video, I did a Google search for:

    1. "Professional Teeth Whitening for Instantly Professional Whitened Teeth!" 
    2. "what-to-do-for-very-sensitive-teeth-after-whitening" 
    3. "what-makes-teeth-very-sensitive-after-whitening"

    without quotes. 

    These are the Titles of the posts that you have in the "" blog.

    For all the searches I found your website to be at-least on the second page of and nowhere on the 
    first page. Still this website makes $100 a month ( as you said in the video). 

    Can you explain how, as there will be much less or no traffic on this website via Google?

    Not blaming anything on you, but just curious to know. 


  9. I found him on easyoutsource(dot)com … He's no longer a member, but there are tons of good people on that site. My recommendation is to ask for a sample article from a dozen different prospects, then employ the 1 or 2 best writers with a larger order.

  10. Lots and LOTS of searching. One of the best outsourcing investments ever. He was a filipino writer with very good English. Worked for $3 per hour and would create a 500ish word article every 15 minutes.

    I ended up paying him double that in the end because I was so utterly amazed by his work ethic.

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