The best 2000 F150 Idle problem vid3 solved Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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Well, after changing fuel and air filters, IAC valve change, cleaning MAF and Temp sensors, and changing all vacuum lines, come to find out the PCV valve hose back elbow had a melted hole……so I ended up doing a vacuum system tune-up…. runs like a champ now!
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  1. Whoa dude okay I'm stopping it there just after a second and I just screenshotted the part you just held up okay I just found a red end of a hose look like it was melted I mean it was a really hard plastic though I didn't understand I had never seen it matter of fact I have never even had an F-150 and I just got a 98 same thing as yours except a 4.6 Triton anyway I found this thing just laying around I can't even remember where it fell out of so I know this thing was worked on and I have a few other issues I have to work out like fucking Suds in the damn coolant but I found that little hose and it was only like an inch and a half long like no hoes just the end and it looked freaking melted through at one end like not a whole just like yours but actually melted apart at the fitting so I don't know what to think at this point I'm going to keep watching your video to see what happens in the sea what you say but thank you so much man for the devotion it's videos like this that help that really actually help the consumer the DIY guys and the ones who don't want to give their money to these shady ass mechanics that we know are trying to trick us back in oh I know the most honest good-hearted looking guys are all doing that ok they're all dirtbags they all bow to that dollar bill and especially the owners that are working on vehicles their Hustlers they're greedy they just know how to smile and sound good and that's it and that's what I'm taking to the bank and take him to the Grave I don't care anymore these guys are just like doctors there's no incentive in fucking sending you home all fixed up… Okay now that I got that little rant out of the way I'm just curious if I might be able to show somebody a screenshot of this part maybe you sir and maybe figure out if this was a similar part similar type vacuum line or maybe the same just a different brand but it's red it's literally red and I'm sorry I brought it up without a picture or any kind of Link or information to the part but it's because I don't know anything about it and I'm wondering if something actually fell apart and I have this rough idle myself it's smoothening out as I put solvents in the car so I already know that there is a huge buildup of carbon and garbage throughout the intake and throttle body and after replacing the idle air control valve and cleaning the old one oh yeah I'm pretty damn sure it's just carbon buildup in bad gas…. I just replaced all filters with K&N and Motorcraft o go get that wrench top K&N oil filter you won't ever ever regret it it's the only filter that will outlive your 10000 mile oil.. go get that wrench top filter and whatever you don't do whatever you do do not absolutely do not ever buy a Fram if you haven't been on YouTube to see any of the controlled experiments that cut those things open let's just say if you've ever used a Fram you just don't want to go watch it right now you don't you really don't just take my word for it and get it the fuck off your truck go get that kandn for 12 bucks and enjoy your ride… Put it this way the Fram filter is worse than paper and it's not even a filter oh and it rusts any of the metal that's actually in there rusts before it even comes off the shelf

  2. I realize this video is a couple years old and such. and that your problem has more than likely been fixed, but mother Ford did address that idle speed issue with a computer update, instead of it dropping to around 500-550 in gear at a stop, they'll hold 650. just my two cents as I was perusing YouTube and came across your video.

  3. billmcgraw1959, Without watching the other videos what idle issues were you having exactly? The current one I am having is when I have the heater or AC on my idle fluctuates up and down while stopped in gear or in park, more so when engine first starts and is cold. When driving there is no noticeable issues as it drives just fine, it's just when in park or stopped in gear.

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