The best +$16K IN TWO DAYS! WHY I’M EVEN MORE BULLISH ON ESPORTS + CANNABIS | RT2CC Day 557 558 Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

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*Filmed on Dec 17, 2018*

August 2-3, 2018: In this video I talk about why I’m even more bullish on esports and cannabis based on some impressive numbers and statistics. Could cannabis provide the biggest returns in 2019/2020? Time will tell but definitely a good possibility! πŸ™‚

Links to articles talked about in the video plus some others I skipped:
Sony’s Turnaround Continues With a Solid First Quarter
Molson Coors Picks Its Cannabis Partner: What It Means for Marijuana Stocks
Article about Edibles and Concentrates

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment purposes only and should not be interpreted as stock advice. The strategy I’m adopting is incredibly risky and should not be copied unless you’re completely comfortable with the fact you could lose your entire portfolio within a week’s time. I’m not liable if you lose any money in the stock market based on information provided in these videos. Always do your own research and evaluate ways to reduce your risk, consulting a professional if necessary.

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14 thoughts on “The best +$16K IN TWO DAYS! WHY I’M EVEN MORE BULLISH ON ESPORTS + CANNABIS | RT2CC Day 557 558 Reviews Coupon Promotional Codes 2018 2019

  1. Gotta give you credit for buy out like you do…with the swings it seems like you can drown so quickly. I also see now why you did not use the strategy I kept asking about..hubby and I have done a lot of learning since asking you. It is a limited albeit safer strategy but too complicated for beginners. This is an awesome way to make money but its great to have people like you out there sharing their experience. That said, as the bear market hovers, being careful cannot be overstated. Thanks for the videos.

  2. Justin, Based on the information you are sharing about companies and news articles I can tell you had gained good knowledge prior to starting this channel. Would you mind telling us about your trading experience prior to this channel was started. How long did you trade? Did you try penny stocks? how much did you loose/made while learning? I know we all loose money in the beginning while trying different strategies (yes I know that is not the best way to learn). BTW I like your options strategy of buying at least 1.5Y time out expiration. Be honest with you I lost bunch money due to short term expired calls and puts. I spent at least 6-8 months watching youtube/CNBC and reading online etc to be able to gain the knowledge. Currently I'm good and my portfolio increased 50% so far this year.

  3. Road to 4K baby!! Lol nice work man you deserve it, great vids and a sick portfolio. I am long $T as well and just got paid a very nice dividend. Now I own enough shares that every quarter when I'm paid it'll buy me a full share and some change through the DRIP. πŸ€‘

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